Violet propagation unusualities.............

Vangy(SW Mi)January 17, 2007

I brought 2 white violet leaves home from vacation on Lake Superior, Cornucopia, Wi. They are making new leaves on the rooted leaf that has been potted up.

Also, a double blue violet that has a siamese leaf. Two stems fused together w/1 leaf that is curled is 1/2 circle.

And, a leaf stem that had a "1/2" scab/scar" above the rooted tip where new leaves had sprouted, and at the top of the "scab/scar" after it was potted up. And, these leaves are sending up multiple plants.

Also, a why ??? I have several cuttings of honeysuckle vine, and some cutting tips get tiny white "bulbs?"

long before the roots appear. Why ???

Vangy likes to play in the dirt year round

Anyone else havaing unusual growths w/ their propagations?

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geoforce(z7a SE PA)

If you are referring to 'African Violets' here (Saintpaulia) that is the common way to propagate them. Never heard of it for real violets (Viola) though.

The bulb on the cutting is what is called 'callus tissue' and is often formed on injured plants or cuttings. It is a form of undifferentiated tissue which can now form new roots or growth points.


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Vangy(SW Mi)

I have propagated african vilets for several years now, and these are the first unusualalities I have had. I root them in water w/ rootone in a sunny east window in glass.

Thanks for the explanation on the honeysuckle.

Vangy likes to play in the dirt year round.

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