Mount's Botanical Garden's, West Palm Beach, FL

bradleyo_gwDecember 1, 2012

This is a small botanical garden that's worth a visit for a $5 suggested donation per person. They also have a nursery on site, but the palms were lacking this time, only copernicia available. In the past I've gotten Dioon spinulosum and a 7 gallon palmetto for $5 each.

Variegated ponytail in front of regular ponytail

Got 4 seeds from this bad boy

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I wonder how old that ponytail is being that big, I can't even guess 70 years maybe. that bismark palm makes my eyes bug out I want one so bad but my seeds just wont germinate

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That bizzie was kind of weird looking, kind of unruly. I don't know where you live, but they are fairly cheap down there. I saw a nice sized one for $25 at a Home Depot in West Palm Beach.

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I live far north in KY so finding a biz at a home depot isnt going to happen lol. If I could happen to find it online and have it sent to my store that would be perfect.

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