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joji(6)February 15, 2014

Hello All! I have been away from GW for many years. In the meantime, I have moved into the field professionally. I am looking for any info on mail order companies that sell annual plants as plugs. Easy to find for perennials. Any help is so appreciated! Thanks!

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Park Seed Company, Harris Seed Company....depends on the size of the plugs and quantities you are looking for.

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Best options varies from region to region.
I am from midwest, so I get my plugs in small quantities from Fariblaut Growers, MN (minimum 25 plugs per variety; orders minimum $300) + Shipping/Handling. Pot stick tags included.
If I could afford shopping for large quantities I would go with Ball Horticulture. You need to request them for catalogs and order forms and they will mail it to you. Their online website and catalogs are quite complicated to keep track off. Easier just to ask for paper copies. They have great variety and greenhouses all over the country. For most plugs minimum of one kind is 100 and order minimum (I might be wrong) $1500 + Shipping/Handling + Brokerage fee + Pots stick tags for extra fee.

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