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photopilotJuly 9, 2008

Being a newbee but enthusiastic gardeners we made a few errors. The biggest one is planting Peppers and Squash intermingled. If you have worked with both you can guess who wins out in a competition between the two. Since over half out garden is dedicated to these two items, we have more than enough of both of each of these, but i am not sure you can ever have too many hot peppers.

So far we have been cutting the leaves and repositioning vines of the squash as they interfere with the lives of the peppers. At this point the squash vines are growing so fast, seems like a couple of feet a week, i am hoping for other options.

Is it possible to dig up the pepper plants that are so deep into the squashes territory that it is either one or the other? Most of the I.D. tags have been buried in mulch so I am not sure what is where, but I think the most endangered peppers are some Thai chilis, jalapenos, red hots and Habaneros.

Any suggestions on how to dig up and move these peppers to another row, or would it be too tough on these plants about to start producing?

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naturegirl_2007 5B SW Michigan(5B SW Michigan)

If the other option is overgrown or dead peppers, I'd say try transplanting. I've dug some peppers in the fall and moved them inside in pots without much trouble. They are quite hearty.

Try digging holes in your new location first, add water to them, and then dig one plant keeping as much root ball as possible. Immediately place it into the predug hole and again water it well. Do second watering before going on to dig any others. I'd try to do this late in the afternoon or evening to avoid heat and high sun on the translants. Might also set a lawn chair or umbrella nearby to cast a shadow on the transplant for the next few days. You may lose a few pods but at least the squash will not win...and there is alot of summer left for squash to grow. I came up with this method while moving large flowering perennials and most looked fine within a few days.

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