ID my peppers?

brandonkJuly 30, 2012

Hello all, I would appreciate some help on identifying this pepper, It's probably easy to tell what kind it is for most of you but i'm a first time grower, My grandfather got these from one of his friends but he doesn't like hot peppers so he couldn't tell me the kind he just says he knows there hot peppers. I think they are habaneros but I'm probably wrong. I also thought it would be more wrinkly but they are more roundish, I appreciate any help.

Also here is a picture of the pepper itself and its insides

Thank you,


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Looks like Amish Apple?
Upturned pods,green to yellow to red.
Not that hot.Actually sweet when yellow.

Also called Hot apple , Alma Paprika , Hungarian Apple and Cheese pepper.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hot Apple pepper

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Thank you for the reply but are you sure? I looked at the pictures and most of those pepper look light green this one is a very dark green, also the looks of the pepper on the pictures look quite big but my biggest ones right now only fit in the palm of my hand, but then again mine aren't ripe or anything.

I included a picture of it in my palm. Since i have no experience and you do you are probably right so i will go with what you said =].

If you want any more pictures just reply as i will take more.

Thank you,

Also i can't find any scoville measurements for the pepper you said it was *Searched under all the names* If you or anyone else can, can you compare the heat to anything. I know you said it was quite sweet when yellow but what is the hottest it normally gets, I want this pepper to give me a okay amount of heat. So can anyone compare it to anything?

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Looks like an annuum

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