Jamaicensis Plumeria

cbadcaliJuly 19, 2012

HI. I have one of these and wonder if there is a trick to growing them. The first year, it was green and looked pretty good, though no flowers. this year it is sad and unhappy. The leafs are turning yellow at an alarming pace and I feel so badly for it.

Is there a secret fertilizer, potting soil or chant I should know about? Seriously, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Mary

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Mary, that's sad. Is it in the same pot you purchased it in? Maybe a root pruning would perk it up? I have done that to 2 plants this season and it really paid off, the trees are vibrant and happy again. I use foliage pro (by dyna grow)and everyone seems happy.

Good luck!

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Hi Wendy. I put in her present pot when she arrived last year. (or maybe the year before). She was fine last year. this year not so much. Maybe I will pull her out of the pot and see if I see a problem. I hesitate to do that this late in the season, but at this point I think I need to do something. I just thought that maybe they took something special to keep them growing. I have the Dyna gro foliage. Thanks for your help.


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Mary, it's hot as Hades here and I've been repotting my plumies that are pushing roots out of their pots and they're doing fine.

If you have any issues below the surface you want to catch that as soon as possible and try to save your plant. Good luck!

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Well I took the plunge...pulled her out and she was pretty root bound, though not a single root was coming out the bottom. I don't know...the more I think I know about plumeria, the more I find out I really don't know!!!

Anyway she is inBill's, Kimi's dads, by way of Al's mix...sipping a pi�a colada on the deck. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that plumeria police don't have my address. thanks for the information and the help and the hand holding. Mary

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