Need pricing guide for garden antiques

Passion4Gardening(5)February 10, 2012

Does anyone have any book recommendations for a pricing guide for ornamental garden antiques? I've found several good books describing the garden antiques, but none with pricing information.


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What is a garden antique?

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Garden Antiques are old usually 100 years old or older, they can be urns, planters, lions, dogs etc of various materials(think of graveyard in the country which often have such things, angels, dog, cat birds etc)Some garden antiques are old farm equipment such as wheelbarrows, hay wagons,plows,etc, or wagon wheels that can be set against a fence with flowers & rocks with pillar with clay, concrete , brass or other antique container to make an interesting spot in garden. Older the antique more interesting & weather-vanes should be where they can't be easily stolen as some are very pricey. Check E-bay to see if they have Garden Antiques or just Google it in & should get some help otherwise go to Antiques forum,it's in the list at top of this page under "Home Forums" if you don't know value of something you have that is antique they may be able to tell you. Some are dealers. Try Antique Farm Auctions/dealers & see if you can find what you are looking for. The animals & large pots or other containers are quite pricey!

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Thanks for the info Sunnyca.

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HELP!!! I am looking for anyone knowledgeable in regards to 'ANTIQUE METAL WEATHERVANES' PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS LINK BELOW AND MAYBE you caan send me in the right direction. thanks

Here is a link that might be useful: porcelane pirate

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