Updated pics of new protection method of 16' outdoor Trachy

arctictropical(Z4)December 9, 2012

I took several of your suggestions to heart and further protected my 16' Windmill palm.

Picture prior to added protection with two layers of bubblewrap with a heating cable in between each layer. Thermostat turns on the cable at 20 degrees and off at 30 degrees:

Picture after adding fiberglass insulation batting to the trunk, and covering everything with black plastic:

Who knows if it will survive being mummified all winter. Oh well, at least I tried!

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Good call on adding extra protection. Better safe than sorry. That method does look much less complex than the styrofoam box method, hopefully it will work just as good or close to it. Good luck.

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Thanks, islandbreeze! I guess at this point... expect the worst, and hope for the best!

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Sure hope it makes it through-the only issue I see
is that thermocube,if it stays below freezing for a long
time-at that temp range(20/30)may not allow it to ever
get above freezing.

We can pray for another mild winter though,right?

Best of luck to you-


How are those Ensete doing these days?

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Looking great Kevin!!!

Best of Luck to you!!


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Hey Kevin looks great -temps for thermostat would be better from 28F-45F but an experiment is just that--- trying and waiting to see what happens. I am praying for you
All the Best

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