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KimberlyJuly 12, 2012

I stumbled across an I was wondering if anyone has every heard of them or purchased from them? I seen a cutting that caught my eye but I don't know their reputation or how good their plants are. It says they've been in business since 2000 an are a family farm/nursery.

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Ya know, if they are the ones I'm thinking of, I saw some of their stuff on eBay and I didn't think any of their pictures looked like the cultivars they say they are. I'll look on eBay later and see if I can find a listing example. Maybe someone else has actually ordered from them.

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They don't have as many listed as I actually thought, but this is an example - this one is listed as Kaneohe Sunburst, and although I know flowers can look different under different conditions, do you think this looks anything like Kaneohe Sunburst? Because it has me scratching my head...;hash=item43b179bd1c

This is listed as Gulliot's Sunset. I dunno, I'm not seeing it.;hash=item43b1798e93

This is listed as Duke:;hash=item43b179465d

So I dunno...hmmm....

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elucas - I forgot to look to see if plumeria-info and alohaplumeria are one in the same.

Duke is the only one I feel confident about and it does not look like my Duke at all. But my Duke was not listed as a rainbow. I believe I have seen a Duke Rainbow before and it could have been the same seller.

Gulliot's Sunset, I can see that possibly.

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Look further down on their listing, not the seller name. Yes, The Gulliot's is a stretch but possible, but the other 2 I don't see it at all! What cutting are you looking for?

BTW, I still can't get over that Plastic Pink you got as your mystery, just gorgeous!

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elucas, I was looking at their lani's beauty, I thought it was very pretty an I haven't seen it listed anywhere else that's why I was asking if you think they are reputable.

And yes, they are plumeria-info on ebay, that's what directed me to their site. ;)

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

You do have some good prices. If your cuttings are nice and true to what you say they are you'll get some business from here im sure.
Any chance you could post a picture of a typical cutting you send. Are they all single tips?

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I just ordered the 12 cutting collection. I should be getting them next week. I had success with a cutting from a local tree years ago, but haven't done any rooting since. Kind of a newbie at this. I've been reading lots of tips on here.


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Here are 6 of the 12 I got, will post the other 6 in the next post(trying to figure out how to post more than one pic per post).

The Maui Beauty, the Pink, and the White have 2 tips, the Celadine has 3 tips. They are all in great condition, and I will start them rooting tomorrow.


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The other 6. A pretty good deal for $100.

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Looks like that Celadine is wanting to bust out of her packaging! :)

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Yeah, looks like it's raring to go. :) BTW, I just looked closer and the Maui Beauty has 3 tips, not 2.

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stormys_mom(Md 7a)

Well looks like you had a positive experience with them then. Thats good to know. How was their shipping?


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Jackie, it was overnight, once they sent it. 8:) Was told it would be going out the first of the next week after I ordered, however it ended up going out the week after that. I ordered it on the 26th of July and received it on the 10th of August. Just finished rooting them.


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Hi Plumeriainfo1,
I just received six cuttings I ordered from you. They came in good condition.

The Dean Conklin cutting was well callused and in excellent condition.

The two Lanis Rainbow cuttings also were callused very well and were not shriveled.

The Pink Spider cutting was freshly cut and in good condition.

However, the two Hilo Beauty cuttings were shriveled and in relatively poor condition.

One of them might make it.

The second one, stick a fork in it, it is done.

This is one poor quality cutting that should have not been shipped to a paying customer. It belongs in the trash can!

Your quality of cuttings is so variable. Some are excellent, but there is no excuse for the one Hilo Beauty cutting.

tc, George

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Wow, George. Isn't that kind of harsh to call out a businessperson on a public forum? Seems like that would be better dealt with in private. Yes, we should all be aware of what's out there but shouldn't that person be given a chance to rectify the situation first?

Or maybe my rationale is the reason why I seem to get what I consider shabby treatment from a certain business.

So here's my dilemma... In the spring I ordered several cuttings, a first time dealing with this company. All went well, and in a timely fashion.

A few weeks later I place another order. Never heard a thing. So I called them. They were very sorry and meant to get back to me. At the time they were out of stock with that particular variety but put me on hold for when the cutting would be available. Never heard a thing.

A month or so later, after calling to make sure they had the cuttings I was wanting, I placed another order and that transaction went off without a hitch. Loved the cuttings that I received.

Then I called for another order but they were going to have to call me back with availability. Never called.

So now I have my eye on a few more cuttings and it's been 5 days since I emailed this same company to check on the availability of several cuttingss and have not heard back yet. Am I expecting too much to think an email in 5 days from a company wanting my money is too much to ask? Or maybe they don't need the business?

I'm a patient person. Easy to get along with and I know of only one other person that has had an issue with this company. Everyone else sings their praises. But, sheesh!

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Aloha George,
Sorry about that, this particular cultivar is a challenge to root for me, I had harvested about 25 cuttings and they keep on shriveling even though they look plump when picked. I had already tossed more than half and will send you new ones with calluses. Don't worry about it and thanks for letting me know.

Go ahead and plant them just to see how they turn out, I get 20% success rate most of the time.

This one like the Scott Pratt seems to like being left in the dark for 2-3 weeks to form callus. The main problem that I have is that the inner tissue gets soft and does not heal. I've been using Ozone disinfection for fungus and mites, rust is a everywhere in Hawaii, and it seems to help.

Red Hilo Beauty cuttings with Ozone disinfection.

I'll keep you posted on how this batch cures.

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No, I think your attitude is just fine. I agree that the most decent and appropriate first step to take when one has an issue with a seller is to contact him/her privately, not to broadcast it publicly before the seller has been given the chance to make it right.

It's probably fair to call a seller out publicly by name once you've notified them of the problem and have given them the time to respond to your complaint and to resolve the problem in a way that seems satisfactory to you...although I personally still hesitate to do it myself.

I also agree that five days is a long time to wait for a response. One would be justified in assuming at that point that the seller does not care enough about your patronage and loyalty to timely respond.

OTOH, I recently posted about a problem that I was having with a seller (whom I decided not to identify by name), and I too had waited five days for a response that had not come. I assumed the worst, only then to find out upon emailing a second time that the first email had never arrived in the seller's inbox.

If I were receiving the type of general flakiness from a seller that you are, I think I would restrain from pitching a fit with that seller, but would simply take my business elsewhere. This is the trump card that we always have--unless, of course, that seller is the sole vendor of a particular cultivar that we HAVE to have. In that case, we may be at the seller's mercy.

Someone else might argue that having a customer pitch a fit over flaky service might be just what that seller needs...that's probably true as well. We all just have to decide for ourselves, I guess, whether we personally want to be the bringer of that message.


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Aloha Greg and Moonie,
Thanks for sharing your concerns, all feed backs both Positive and Negative are welcomed. I will learn from the experience and strive to improve and provide better service, I'm not a scammer or just trying to make a quick buck here, I value the inputs greatly and am investing for the long haul.

I am learning the traits and hope to contribute to the plumeria world with a better understanding of the plumeria biology and to introduce new and exciting hybrids and to make them affordable, my profit margins are poor.

I operate a tissue culture lab also and am also refining the protocols and culture mediums for in vitro plumeria propagation. I hope to trade for some cultivars that I do not have or exchange my service for plant materials where possible.

I sincerely wish to develop a long lasting relationship with you all, so please If you have any problem what so ever, just send me an email or give me a call.


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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Ok so I'm tempted... if I get cuttings that have already been callused well then chances are I can get them to root right?

George, I can't really mess this up right??

Talei, if I buy some cuttings will you please only send me the WELL CALLUSED ones? Thanks!

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Aloha No Clue,
Don't worry, I'll make sure to send well cured cuttings (healed). The callus forms after many weeks depending on cultivar, some may take even months. But rest assured that I will do my best to help you out.

This is a picture that I had posted earlier that is not showing.

Plumeria dis-infection with Ozone/ O3

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Hi Plumeriainfo1,
sorry for discussing this problem in a forum but I was very upset when I saw the condition of that Hilo cutting. I know dark red plumerias are hard to root and I figure there was no way I could root that cutting. Thank you for your quick response.

we have a saying here in Texas that goes "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me". I do not understand why you keep on placing orders to a place that is not living up to your expectations, when you have so many other choices where to buy plumerias from.

if Plumeriainfo1 sends you callused cuttings, like the first three I posted, you should have no problems rooting them. Just water them once and do not water them again till they have 3-4 leafs.


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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Thank you George for admitting you were upset. We are so passionate about our Plumerias and sometimes over the net... we just can't discern the tone. So I get it. :)

Thank you Plumeriainfo1 for swiftly handling it with grace and professionalism.

Mona, I agree with George that you should take your business else where! You have given them so many chances and you have the patience of a saint! What else are you looking for, let me know so I can keep my eyes out for you.

Have a Great Friday everyone! :)

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Hello Plumeriainfo. do you have any cuttings to offer that are not listed on your site?

George and NC - The reason I keep going back is because they have a couple varieties that others don't have. Well, at least they did, but that's why I emailed to make sure they were still available. LOL

Lynn - You know I just -have- to have Rhonda but I'm expecting to have to wait until next year. Wonder where Bill is these days? If he were here I would ask him if he felt it too late in the season to start cuttings.

Hi Greg! Thanks for giving your viewpoint. I was just reading your other post concerning your problems with another seller. When I get home from taking my mom shopping I'll read it more thoroughly. It seems you and I have a similar mindset in some regards.

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Aloha Moonie,
I have some other cultivars that are not quite ready for harvesting, I will update the site when they become available. I have been collecting mostly Hawaiian plumerias but would love to acquire some of the Florida, Cali, Thai and Aussie varieties.

Do you have a flicker album of your collection?

Happy Aloha Friday to you and all of the forumers here.

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Finally got my Lani's Beauty, shes a 2 tipper. Has some wrinkles on the middle part of the cutting, the tips & bottom seems fine though, so hope it makes it.

I planted her in a clear plastic bottle and put it in a black pot with my celadine cutting stabilized with stones, which right now they are sitting on my heat mat. It cant go outside yet due to we are getting after effects from Isaac (rain rain rain).

I will post pictures later because my internet is slower than a seven year itch, it won't upload not even 1 small image.

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I got my cuttings and put them in last week. I post pics of them all under a post just labeled "cuttings". All nice, fat, healthy.
10/60 with free shipping, can`t hardly beat that. Very happy with the ones selected for me.
Tally HO!

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Internet is working better now, it let me upload my plumeria pictures.

Here is my cutting

I think the flash emphasized the wrinkles, I don't think they really are that bad as they photographed

Two tips looking nice

A callused end

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nice! I never worry about the wrinkles, they match mine.
Tally HO!

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Just wanting to post an update on my Lani Beauty cutting that I got on September 1st from Aloha Plumeria. To my amazement, it is already rooted 1 month 8 days later -- I mean it doesn't have a full root ball but roots are clearly visible in the pot plus it is putting out some nice leaves. And the wrinkles that it had, they are gone and not visible anymore -- they just look like stretch marks now. It was dehydrated apparently. Me = happy girl *swoon*.

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Good news for the Lani Beauty. My Aloha Lani potted up on August 12, and is just barely starting to leaf out, with a couple of half inch leaves.

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Woohoo! Congratulations, Kim! Looking forward to seeing your pics of your blooms next summer or the next.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Great news Kim1!!


I have some DR seeds for you...

You have mail..

: )

Take care,


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YAY KIM!!! That's excellent news and you never fail to impress me working your magic in a cooler climate. Great job!

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Thanks everyone! I am so glad that it rooted for me and so quickly. I'm tickled pink an I can't wait to see blooms next summer or afterwards. I had it sitting in a black pot on my heat mat with my heat lamp shining on it. With the heat lamp, it makes the pot temps raise anywhere from 90-95 depending on the room temperature and how close it's placed. I feel like it really helped the process out quicker. But the sad note is I had to re-cut my JL Haawaiian Titanic, it had some rot on the outer ring of the cutting. It's still firm (hard as a rock I may add!) an it's been dipped in root hormone an is sitting in a glass jar with 1/4 full of perlite to help it callus. I hope all goes well since this was my most expensive cutting.

Laura, I replied to your message. ;) My sister asked me to help her grow some for her. She now has a heat mat and the same heat lamp as me so her growing chances should be a little better now. Again thanks!

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kt2fl(okla z7)

Hi everyone,

After seeing all the great cuttings you guys received from them, I jumped on the bandwagon and ordered 2: Duke and Lani. I placed the order from their website on Oct 9, 2012.

After 2 weeks and nothing happened, I emailed inquiring order status on Oct 23. I got a reply from them on Oct 29 saying "we are preparing your order which will be shipped shortly. Tracking will be emailed once parcel is ready for pickup."

Today is Dec 12, 2012 and I still haven't received anything from them. I have sent out another email inquiring my order status on Nov 25.

It's been a frustrating experience for me. I thought they're done shipping for the season but their 30-day listings on eBay just got renewed earlier this month. I also tried calling the number they list on their eBay auction but it's been disconnected.

Has anyone bought from them since October and received their orders? If you guys, especially those who have gotten their orders shipped in the past, do you have any of their contact info? I think I'm being ripped off here. Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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Is this the number you have? 808-747-9052

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kt2fl(okla z7)

Hi DelWH,

Yes that's the number I've been trying to call several times now.

I looked up their domain registration and the following comes up:

Vakauta, Talei
15-1213 Kahakai Blvd
Pahoa, HI 96778
Phone: 808-747-9052

Record expires on 23-Apr-2013
Record created on 23-Apr-2012

Now that I have their info, if they won't get back with me soon, I may have to report them to the authority.

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Try this number: (808) 668-1667

It's for da little coffee shack, which is associated with the alohaplumeria.

Here is a link that might be useful: some info

This post was edited by DelWH on Thu, Dec 13, 12 at 18:54

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