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scott123456(5)July 14, 2014

I want to make pineapple habanero jelly for sure and some other pepper jellies as well. I have never made jelly before. In general, what is safe amount vinegar to number of peppers ratio? I have found a jalapeno recipe and a pineapple recipe. Can I just swap out the jalapenos for habs (whatever pepper) and combined the two recipes? Also, if anyone wants to post their jelly or jam recipe, it would be greatly appreciated.


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From attached site.

Orange-pineapple Marmalade
1 pound dried apricots -- soaked overnight
1 orange
1 lemon
1 large can crushed pineapple
4 Habanero chiles, seeded and minced
8 cups sugar
Soak apricots overnight. Grind apricots. Grate 1 orange and 1 lemon rind. Add to apricots. Then add juice of orange and lemon. Add can crushed pineapple, sugar and minced Habs. Mix well.

Cook rapidly for 15 minutes (stirring to keep from scorching). Count cooking time from when mixture is hot and bubbly around edge of pan. Pack while hot in sterilized jars.

Here is a link that might be useful: PepperFool Recipe Site

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No vinegar in that at all, I wouldn't trust it, even though the pineapple and citrus MAY be acidic enough for 4 habs. I'd also process it for 10 minutes instead of "packing into sterilized jars" - if you're going to boil the jars 10 minutes to sterilize might as well do it filled! Please post canning questions over on Harvest, there are many people there to help.

Just for reference, the apricot-pepper jelly on UC Davis (and NCHFP) site(s) calls for 2C of vinegar, 1 1/3C mixed bell/hot peppers, and 1 1/4C dried apricots. I have another recipe that calls for an additional 1/2C of vinegar instead of water to reconstitute the apricots. The famous Habanero Gold recipe from Ball/Jarden calls for 3/4C of peppers & onions, 1/3C apricots, and 3/4C vinegar (that only makes 3 jars, Carol over on Harvest has her "big batch" version that calls for 1C of apricots, 1.5C mixed peppers & onions, and 1.5C vinegar.

I haven't run across a pineapple pepper jelly, but since I don't grow pineapples I haven't looked ;-) I'm sure if you search on Harvest you can find something, post if you don't. When searching the Internet just try to use the extension (university) sites to be safe.

Here is a link that might be useful: UC Davis pepper recipes

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Found some pineapple mixtures on NM State site, their marmalade calls for shredded carrots which can be omitted, no orange, but 1 lemons (sliced, not just zest and juice). Can use up to 2C of chiles (they use the NM green chiles, but you can sub any pepper or combo as long as it doesn't exceed 2C):

Here is a link that might be useful: NMSU Pepper recipes

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Mecdave Zone 8/HZ 9

While ajsmama covered that well, a couple notes about the NMSU recipe. While it doesn't use vinegar, the lemon, orange(somewhat, PH varies), and pineapple juices provide the acidity. Make sure your crushed pineapple is in juice and not corn syrup, like often found in the pineapple rings.

I recently began using the 180 degree oven method for sterilizing jars and bottles. I like this much better than heating in a pot of water as it frees up stove-top space.

And yes, do BWB jams.

PS Here's a master list of the acidity of various foods...

Here is a link that might be useful: Food Acidity

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Sorry for posting in the wrong area, the hot pepper forum is the only forum I have ever been on. Thank you all so much for the help!

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Mecdave Zone 8/HZ 9

Hahaha... I was just looking at some of the recipes on that website you posted Edit: northeast_chileman and found this...

3 pounds habanero peppers, stems removed
1 1/2 cups red wine vinegar
1 package pectin
1/2 teaspoon salt
5 cups sugar
white wine or apple juice as needed (see below)

Three pounds of Habs to 5 cups of sugar! Who has 3 lbs of Habs and why would you want to waste them on 3 pints of jam?

Yeah, I wouldn't trust that site. It seems to be a conglomeration of recipes from wherever found, and not tested for safety or practicality for that matter.

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mecdave - are you putting water in a pan and setting oven to 180? Jars are not meant to withstand dry heat - could shatter.

And to truly sterilize (not just warm before putting hot food in), you must boil for 10 minutes, lower heat won't do. But no need to sterilize unless processing for less than 10 minutes (as for a delicate jelly, 5 minutes). I just put the jars in the pot I'm BWBing in, fill to the rims, you have to preheat the water and jars anyway before processing. I pour the hot (simmer or so if not sterilizing) water over the lids in a Pyrex bowl, Ball says you don't even have to do that but I like to let them soak/soften while I fill the first jar. If when I take last empty jar out of canner the water is already over tops of filled jars, and I'm afraid pot will boil over, I dump the last jar (and the bowl) in the sink, else I dump them back into the canner. So no extra pot/burner required.

Lemon juice is more acidic than vinegar, OJ varies and can be over 4.0 so I wouldn't rely on it to acidify peppers, pineapple juice (if that's what's in the can, as mecdave said, check it!) is more acidic though not as acidic as lemon - remember, pH is logarithmic so 1.0 decrease in pH (say from 3.6 pineapple juice to 2.6 lemon juice) is 10 times more acidic. The lemon pulp in the NMSU recipe also helps to acidify the marmalade.

That table is from USDA, so safe to use (provided no typos), I don't generally rely on the pickyourown site. Here's the original (with some humorous misspellings but hopefully no typos in the numbers):

Here is a link that might be useful: Official pH values

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Yep, no vinegar at all. That sounds disgusting! :-)

I made Pineapple Ghost Jam - "Yellow Fever" - last season with my Yellow Bhut Jolokia, and it turned out great! All you do is crush your fruit, add some citrus juice (if you want), bring to a boil, add sugar, pectin, and minced pepper, hold at a rolling boil, then ladle into sterile jars, and process in a hot water bath to seal. I also added thin slices of Owari Satsuma mandarin for subtle flavor and decoration.


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Actually with all the sugar you don't taste the vinegar. Hard for me to post on phone but salsa study showed 1/4C lemon juice safely acidified 1 pint peppers so I would use that for jelly too even though sugar helps. Pineapple juice would require 10 times as much so 2.5C for a pint of peppers but I'm sure you'd use more for a batch. Crushed pineapple isn't quite as acidic as juice.

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Mecdave Zone 8/HZ 9


Actually I've only used 200 degree dry heat to sterilize new woozy bottles for hot-packing so far, as per recommendations on another Hot Pepper forum.

Then when I read this (below) on the NMSU site I assumed it was latest correct procedure. I've always done as you with jars but was planning on using this method...

"Before beginning the sweet spread preparation, wash the jars in hot, soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Air dry the jars and place them in an oven at about 180ðF for at least 30 minutes before using. "

Here is a link that might be useful: NMSU - General Directions

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Wow, when I searched for the recipe this morning I didn't read that part. I'm surprised, b/c Ball says not to put their jars in a dry oven and I'd assume woozy bottles are the same (or worse, I think they're made of thinner glass, not sure it's tempered).

I did bake a cake (tower cake for Rapunzel birthday theme) in a 24 oz wide mouth jar, but put it in a baking pan with a couple inches of water. The top of the jar was dry and I took it out of the oven wearing safety goggles just in case. It's not something I would do with a lot of jars repeatedly. And for any newbies reading this, I did not "can" the cake, just used the jar as a mold or pan (well-greased) to get the shape, cooked it and cooled with no lid, then unmolded it for final cool-down and frosted. Baked goods that are sealed with lids while cooling will form enough of a vacuum to allow botulism toxin to form - so please don't think this is a good way to "preserve" and ship food to friends and family!

But the 180 degree oven in the NMSU instructions is just to warm the jars (!) not to sterilize since you are processing the spreads for 10 minutes.

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