garden center workers

clfo(z7 with luck)February 8, 2006

I am looking to contact people who work at a garden center that offers consultation services. If you work at such a business, or know someone who does, could you please contact me? My contact information is on my website.



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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

So, you want a consultant to come to your place? Not all of these work out of garden centers. It's not clear here what you are working on. If what you are doing requires contacting garden centers you'll probably get it done quicker if you get a listing of nearby garden centers and make the first moves yourself. Probably most will be in the telephone book.

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I do not know clfo personally, but she is very well known and very respected in my area. She is not looking for anyone to look at her yard, that I am sure. She is extremely capable. My guess is that this is to gain input on effective designer-garden center working relationships that are mutually beneficial for customer, designer, and garden center. It is a complex subject that is not often discussed.

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clfo(z7 with luck)

laag is right - I'm not interested in finding someone to consult with me.
I'm interested in learning how others operate their consultation businesses. If you do consultations through a garden center, you could also post thoughts here.

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I respect what your asking but isn't posting your business website a no, no? You might want to move this to private emails. But then again Spike might be long gone...

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clfo(z7 with luck)

My website has been on "My Page" for years - For several years I have also supported this website with paid ads on the Garden Bazaar. No one, Spike included, has ever had a problem with it.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

I think they only want to exclude people who are trying to promote their companies here without paying for it. A Garden Bazaar participant is a paying customer.

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