Small yellow pepper plants need help.

agmss15(zone 4)July 16, 2012

Hi - I have questions about growing peppers in cooler climates.

Last year my sister planted peppers for me in her garden - she has great soil in full sun. She planted them in raised beds with a black plastic mulch. The plants were miserable, small, yellow - and they never fruited.

This year I planted a variety of hot peppers. I waited until several weeks after I planted tomatoes to plant them. They are mostly in small containers - I set the containers on black plastic. My plants are still very small and yellow - they are flowering and fruiting. I am trying to water them every other day to allow dry down. What should I feed them?

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Most chiles take from 90-120 days to ripe fruit. Fertilizer is rarely required with chiles if you soil is good.

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homefry319(5b NE)

If the leaves are yellowing it could be a couple reasons, overwatering lack of nutrients, too much nutrients

how are the leaves yellowing, from the inside out or the outside in?

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

We should be able to figure this out fairly easily.....How are you supplying nutrients?


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agmss15(zone 4)

Hmmmm... Well we had a early early start to spring here followed by a long long cool rainy stretch. Someone recommended not planting out until late/flower set. I planted them in 3s into 12-14 pots and a few in the ground - I used a potting mix available here called coast of Maine. I was feeding dilute manure tea or dilute liquid feed every few weeks. I suddenly realized that my potting soil contains no slow release fertilizer but wasn't sure what was best for peppers. I have quite a few varieties - some look better than others - none look overjoyed with life - poor habaneros look miserable. I would say that the yellowing is more on the older leaves. And the banana peppers that haven't grown but have peppers look very funny. Climate I can't do much about - what kind of feeding regimen is recommended. My mom and I like to make a variety of hot sauces for winter time so I would really like to figure this out. She grows most of her peppers in pots . Thanks!

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Coast of Maine potting/garden/topsoil mixes contain different things that could be an issue looks like the potting mix contains aspen bark that could be sapping your nitrogen in the soil. Also watering every other day is probably too much. To gauge watering let it go for a few days then when you see the plant wilt a bit then you will know how long it takes for the soil to dry. Also not sure how quickly your soil drains. Which coast of Maine product are you using so we can better assist.


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