Edgeworthia from cuttings

chemical-geezer(7a)January 27, 2009

It's that season again for the propagation of that beautiful shrub, Edgeworthia chrysantha. I have tried many times to root cuttings by the methods offered in the literature without any luck whatsoever. If anyone has been successful in root induction of this plant, I will VERY much appreciate hearing from you. And for you who are not familiar with this jewel, you should avail yourself of the services of a good library or perhaps the Internet.

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I checked in my copy of 'The Reference Manual of Woody Plant Propagation' by M. Dirr and C. Heuser, Jr and they make no reference to this plant, sorry.

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I have not tried rooting cuttings from the several growing in my yard. Love this shrub! Before giving up suggest that you do a search here on this Forum for my several postings on the "Toothpick Technique". This method really should be tried. I have found it to be the most reliable and easiest for woody plants, especially difficult to root ones.

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It's a great plant, and well worth propagating, if the technique can be mastered. I haven't tried it yet, but I'd use the same plan as for Daphne, since it's a relative - semi-ripe cuttings in mid - late summer with mist, if you have that capability. I have a small plant of the red-flowered variety that I received last fall, but it's not looking real hopeful right now; I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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This plant is sometimes known as "Paper Bush" A tip cutting of firm new growth is used... apply 0.3% IBA (note strength of rooting hormone) rooting time 25-60 days so misting is necessary & bottom heat is helpful

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I too have asked this very question and the answer from the experts at Clemson University say it is difficult or near impossible to propagate from cuttings. The only way they know of getting more plants is to dig around the base of the plant and retrieve suckering growth with as much roots attached as possible then pot it up and grow for a year in a protected area.

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Hmmm, since I didnt know it was impossible to root this, ijust snapped a lower branch off an Edgeworthia i saw growing somewhere in late fall or winter, took it home, dipped it in Rootone and stuck it directly in the ground. Then I watered to keep th soil moist and in spring it leafed out. There was a very wet summer so it was moist all that first summer,. Sine then (2.5 yrs ago), I have just kept it watered like any young plant.
It is going to flower profusely this winter.

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