Brahea 'Clara' looking gorgeous

bahia(SF Bay Area)December 16, 2011

I thought I'd post this photo of this gorgeous silvery foliaged Brahea 'Clara' palm in a garden I designed here in the Berkeley hills of the SF Bay Area. Not seen nearly often enough around here, and well deserving of more planting. One of my latest favorite accent palms for the elegant drooping foliage and silvery color. Much better for cooler gardens around here because it grows quickly without needing hot summers. By comparison, Brahea armata sulks with the cold summers, and barely puts out 2 or 3 fronds a year. Anyone else growing this?

Here is a link that might be useful: Brahea 'Clara'

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Thats a nice one(-:

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Very nice!!

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Don't currently have a Brahea but your posting encouraged me to try one, so I ordered Brahea dulcis. I understand that there is some disagreement as to whether Clara is a distinct species or a hybrid (with armata and another species). In any event, I don't believe the Braheas are too common in the East as most seem sensitive to high humidity and excessive rainfall. I got the dulcis because they are said to do well in South Florida (for a Brahea) and it's mightly WET here usually. Nice palm pic!

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

Supposedly Brahea 'Clara' may be a natural occurring hybrid between B. armata and B. brandegeii, and is said to be much more tolerant of wetter/more humid conditions than B. armata, certainly. Here's some more views of this palm in that garden and another design client's garden here in the Oakland hills.

Here is a link that might be useful: More shots of Brahea 'Clara' palm

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Palm Valley Ranch carries Brahia clara's in 30" boxes, ready for shipment.

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earthworm73(WA z8)

That is a very nice looking b. clara. I just got one a week ago and I hope mine will look like that in...10 years! B. clara on the left.

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