Best adjustable hose nozzle

adrianag(AL z7)February 28, 2005

What do you guys recommend as the best adjustable hose nozzle to buy? A good mister is esssential. I already have a Foggit nozzle but I want a decent mister on a multi-setting nozzle as well.

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OK, this one has sat at the top long enough.

I have always been partial to the old style brass ones that look like a mini firehouse end. You know the kind that unscrew from closed to mist and then narrow down to a tight stream. Thay last a good long time and do a little of everything.

Of course, nothing works better for watering flowers than the good old wand with a breaker on the end to give a nice gentle soaking.

Why did this one take so long to answer?

Chime in folks.

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deeproots(8b South Ga)

because I've never seen a good adjustable hose nozzle.

My personally, I use the 'redhead' water breaker which has 1000 holes... mass of water, little soil disturbance. To turn the water on/off I've used a variety of things, the lil thumb press valves wear out really fast and replacement gaskets are hard to find. A ball valve with a few male adapters glued on works well, but is hard to turn on/off.

ohh, and I use a 16inch peice of metal tubing for most watering and a 3ft one for baskets.

hope that helps.

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adrianag(AL z7)

I've had a couple of "pretty good" adjustable nozzles but the life span is poor. I need a mister setting, a good spray to settle seeds onto the surface of my perlite hydroponic beds and a nice powerful spray to clean dirt off the ground cloth. I'm surprised this doesn't seem to exist. drat!

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deeproots(8b South Ga)

i use the redhead for general watering, the foggit if mist is needed and a high pressure nozzle for cleaning.

three seperate, but they are all good and will last

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adrianag(AL z7)

I'm not familiar with the redhead but will look into it. Right now I have rigged a two headed nozzle onto a "y" type of fitting, with a Foggit nozzle on one side and an adjustable one on the other. It beats switching on and off but is still not optimal.

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deeproots(8b South Ga)

it's just a 1000hole water breaker, bout $7 via your local nursery supplier... kinda nifty really, even under 70psi it feels soft as can be, tho the mass of water can often weight down a plant in a hurry.

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