pattimelt(z5/nw)February 4, 2011

So, I am finally getting my website up and running. It will be about my nursery business. I also have a blog, sell at the Farmers market, and have a small storefront. I need to come up with a logo picture(s) that will be a banner for Market and the store, on my brochures, business cards, emails, and my labels and tags on my products. So they will have to be all different size scales. I sell aquatics, perennials, annuals, herbs, houseplants, other nursery stock, raise chickens for the eggs, jams, pie fillings, breads, a wide range of crafted items, antiques and collectibles. Oh, and I collect flamingos.How do I come up with a picture/ collage of one or a few of these items? I guess my question is how to figure out which one represents me the most. What am I most passionate about? Oh my gosh; help me!

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We are first-year greenhouse owners, feeling about the way you are a couple of months ago. We wound up getting our logo at 99designs.com, on the advice of a cousin who is a designer. We had a lot of different submissions over the course of the week-long "contest", and are very happy with the logo we ended up choosing. You might want to check it out, if only to see a lot of different logos and perhaps help focus your ideas.

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