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tc88January 2, 2009

I decided to give rooting hormone a try and got a bottle of Rootone since it's a common one and had reasonable reputation. I thought IBA is the main rooting hormone in use and most websites claim Rootone has it. But I was just looking at the label and the only ingredient is 0.2% NAD other than the 4% Thiram fungicide. So what happened?

I finally managed to find some info on the pesticideinfo website. Looks like there was a cancelled (old) version which had an additional 0.1% IBA which is still paltry. But they decided to downgrade further by completely eliminating that.

So where can I get a supply of high concentration IBA? Is Dip N Grow the only choice? I'm sort of concerned with the alcohol centent in Dip N Grow burning the cuttings though. Thanks.

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The alcohol will not harm the cutting. Yes there are other products on the market with IBA as the main ingredient & concentrations range from 0.1 to 0.8%.

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

Did Rootone reformulate and change the color of the package?

It was once a red package and had more ingredients that the OP noted.

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Looks like Rootone may have downgraded several times. Cost cutting I guess. They are targetting unsuspecting customers who buy on the name and over time it's going to backfire. The strange thing is that there are so many manufacturers using the same formulation and the name. Are they licensing the name or are they manufacturing under contract? Who owns the Rootone name?

I did find Hormodin contains IBA in powder form. However where can I get it? The only source I have found so far is mail order and I prefer locally.

Back to Dip N Grow. I heard it had a bad smell. How strong and is it that bad? I suppose alchohol will evaporate and together comes the ingredients. NAA is supposed to be toxic and I would rather not inhale it. It probably can be dealt with in a ventilated space though.

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

Dip and Grow works fine(never noticed an odor)it is just a nuisance to have to mix it everytime I need it. The label says it is no good after 24 hours from mixing. Hormodin I get from Charlies Greenhose, have never seen it available locally. Al

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NAD is 1-Naphthaleneacetamide. Its a synthetic auxin that acts as a rooting hormone.
You can get (IBA) Indole Butyric Acid 98.5% and many more plant growth hormones here:
It would be best to join the yahoo group associated with the website before using the products and ask questions. Like I mentioned before, this is nearly 100% pure. You use it like this and it will kill your plant and NOT make it grow many many many roots. I guarantee that. Be sure to read the page with the instructions because the product doesn't come with any. Book mark the site and refer to it when using the product like I do. Or write the info down or whatever.

Here is a link that might be useful: super grow

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Thanks for the link. Will check it out and maybe get some in the future.

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tcuser(ZONE 7)

You can get pure IBA from phytotechlab. Google for phytotechlab and look under plant growth regulators (PGR) (may not allow to put a link here). There are ton of auxin and cytokinin: IBA, IAA, NAA, BA, 2,4D, Aldenin , etc... This is the place Scientists, Professors get PGR for their researches. Price is affordable. Cost a little bit more but high quality and pure. Make sure that you know what you are doing and how to prepare your formulas. Cheers.

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When one cuts thru all the goofy information relating to the plant auxins, I believe that you'll find that either Dip and Gro or Hormodin(1, 2, or3) will serve all of your purposes very nicely. Both contain Indolebutanoic acid (new nomenclature) and contrary to popular thought, it is not toxic enough to worry about!!!

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daw_etc(8 Cen CA)

Why is rootone bad..?

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Thanks for the pointers to IBA sources. Right now I have got DipNGrow. Once that's gone, I will get some high concentration and mix myself.

Regarding the question on rootone quality, the latest version of it only contains a very low level of NAD which is a cheaper version of NAA which itself is inferior to IBA as rooting hormone. So it's really not useful to any hard to root cuttings that needs a hormone. The only effective ingredient is a fungicide. But if I need a fungicide, I can get a fungicide. I don't need a fungicide masquerading as a rootine hormone. Besides both NAD and the fungicide are considered bad chemicals while IBA is considered less toxic.

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freemangreens(Zone 10 CA)

I'm a hydro grower and new here but . . .

Bet you didn't know you could use plain aspirin dissolved in water as a rooting agent, did ya?

Who needs fancy chemicals you can't even pronounce? It's an Amish gardener's trick!

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tcuser(ZONE 7)

Who needs fancy chemicals? Hahaha, who need hydro while plants can grow in soil? Who need Tylenol, Advil, ... while aspirin can use for headache? Your answers will explain your question.

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

tc88 on Feb. 8th: " ... if I need a fungicide, I can get a fungicide."

What fungicide? Where do you get it?

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Wood's has the same ingredients as Dip'n Gro.
I root thousands of cuttings in Wood's dip.
Rootone is a root stimulator not for rooting cuttings.
The Alcohol is now replaced with Naptha.
It basically makes water wetter and lets the woody tissue absorb the IBA to reduce chances of stem rot.

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I have a plumera cutting, what should i use as a root stimulater?

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jshwartzer(Zone 5)

I used to grow plumeria in Florida when I lived there. Extremely easy to root plumeria cuttings. No rooting hormone is necessary. Simply stick the end opposite the growing end down into sandy substrate or regular soil. Don't let it stand in water, or it will rot. If it is kept moist, but well-drained, it will root just fine if you have patience. Plumeria need warmth, and it is okay if it dries out in between waterings. You'll have a new little tree before you know it! The tree in this photo started as a small branch I stuck into the ground about 10 years ago. Seriously! Good luck. Joe

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aspirin was an ingredient refined from the willow plant.. ascetaslacillic acid?..asa can use the willow plant to root your cuttings..

no additives..all natural

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