Apology and explaination to post, and Neg. Reviews

ncgardengirlJanuary 9, 2009

It was never my intention to upset anyone. I was just stating a fact that mail gets lost and it has been lost from that PO in Atlanta.

I was NOT yelling, that is not always what CAPS are for, IF my WHOLE post had been in CAPS that would be yelling. NOR was I telling anyone to shut-up. I am NOT rude.

MY post copied:

NOTE: I would like to address an issue here. If (person) said she mailed out packages she did!

Sometimes things get lost in the mail. As current for a swap I am hosting a BOX with a DC# is MISSING, it was mailed out the second week of Nov. 2008 here is the confirmation number is 03080730000092623999 it is STILL missing as of today:

Label/Receipt Number: 0308 0730 0000 9262 3999

Status: Processed

Your item was processed and left our ATLANTA, GA 30369 facility on November 5, 2008. No further information is available for this item.

None of us can be responsible for the PO lossing (loseing) things and PLEASE NOT(note) THIS MISSING BOX IS MAILED FROM THE SAME DIST. PO (person) WOULD BE MAILING FROM!

So it is VERY possible the 2 missing envies is stuck in limbo somewhere in Atlanta GA.

I would hope that if they do turn up you will revoke your negative responses here. Again PLEASE REMEMBER the mail DOES get lost and we can NOT stop this from happening. AND SURELY can not be held responsible for it when it does happen.

LOOK AT HER REVEIWS: She is a responsible person and always sends out her trades. She wouldn't be in long standing RR groups if she didn't send her end.

MAIL GETS LOST ALL THE TIME...GOOD GRIEF IF ONE WITH A TRACKING NUMBER IS MIA just think of how much gets lost without them! The Postal service is NOT perfect we rely on them to get out mail we send, they process millions of pieces of mail, be thank(ful) you(person) is a sweetheart and she does send out her trades. She had a lot going on this past year, give her a break!


NO WHERE did I say SHUT UP PEOPLE. Mail does get lost all the time. Also if something was mailed out in Dec right before Christmas then it still could be on it's way. My PO told me when I wanted to mail something around the 10th of Dec that IF I didn't mail it Prority it would not get there until WELL after Christmas.

SOMETIMES caps is used instead of bolding something to emphasize.

THIS post is NOT meant to generate comments only to say that I am sorry I was misunderstood in trying to make a point.

Everyone here covents the Delivery Comp # (DC#) my point is that if something with a DC# is hopeless lost just think of what could be lost without one.

We don't get insurance on bubble mailers usually and they can get lost. Then someone emails a person telling them they didn't receive their end of the trade and then that person says I mailed it.

You THEN send another email and maybe yet another and MAYBE just maybe each one is a little less kind then the first.

The other person doesn't really know HOW to respond to these kinds of emails so they do nothing OR they email you a couple more times letting you know they DID in fact mail out.

Ok, then what? YOU feel like you were jipped out of a trade and you give it a few more days maybe even a couple of weeks and STILL no envy.

THEN you come a post on negative review, YOU ARE HURT, and NOW the person you give the negative review is hurt too.

Maybe the package shows up 6-8 weeks later, goodness only knows where it has been, and NOW you have left a negative

feedback for the person. ARE you gonna go back and say HEY guess what? That package I was talking about well it arrived, OPPS sorry.

No, because we would want to save face and not embarrass ourselves over the whole ordeal with having to post a retraction.

Sometimes the package may never show up again, things do get shredded by the Postal Service too. We rely heavily on the Postal Service to make sure our packages go out in a timely and safe manner, well that is not always the case.

AND thanks to R & R feelings can sometimes be hurt because of a simple mistake at the post office. We are ALWAYS QUICK to judge the party whom with we arranged a trade and guess what? It is not always their fault. (Simply another fact, that some sometimes forget or don't consider)

I am not saying rate and review doesn't help with trades, but before you post a negative review that may or may not involve hurt feelings look at the person's review before hand. IF they have a good review with more then 10 good ones, then chances are your package got stuck in transit.

NO ONE with a good review is going to want to mess it up by not sending something to you, why would they?

have you ever receive a mangled envy? I have, and it was so bad I was SHOCKED I received it.

HOWEVER, IF this is a NEW person and they don't have but a few reviews chances are they may just be trying to get something for nothing and did some GOOD trades in order to set-up SOME bogus trade in order to receive some 'freebies'.

THIS happens too! Which is the true reason R & R was requested to be started.

If a person STOPS communicating with you through emails, think about WHY.

ARE you hounding them?

Have you sent multiple emails maybe getting more and more irrate? or maybe just unpleasant? Even if you don't mean too?

It happens to the best of us.

OK, stepping down from the soap box now. I DID NOT mean to upset anyone with the post I left and those of you involved or have read that certain post KNOWS which one I am talking about.

Again, I am sorry of you were offended by what I posted.

NOT LOOKING FOR COMMENTS HERE. JUST wanted to state things some may not think about, and YES some people think the post office is golden and always gets things through, not always the case.

Please remember that. NOT looking for negative comments either, 'If you can't say something nice then come sit by me' quoted from Steel Magnolias.

If you misunderstand me at times, I am sorry. Never mean anything to hurt someone. I try to be tackful but sometimes I am tired and don't always do it tackfully.

FORGIVE me in advance. My opinions are my own and we all have one and express them from time to time. Not meaning to offend anyone. Those of you who KNOW ME know I do not try to hurt feelings. I try to help, if that is a problem well then there are many people here who need to stop trying to help too because it isn't want here apparently.


:) Fran

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agirlsgirl(6 SW-PA)

Fran,I am happy you addressed this,it was tearing my heart out watching a few of my buddies at odds with eachother. You all are great ladies and of course have different points of view. I am probably sticking my nose in where it doesnt belong,but from both negative posts, I got that the fact, there was no communication with them and,that this person was posting elsewhere for trades and such,was the part that was most upsetting to them.I find it hard to swallow that either of these ladies were nasty and that is why they were avoided. Maybe emails did get sent to spam,it seems there was alot of miscommunication and confusion in these trades. That is why it is important for people that know they have trades out there to touch base,I bet if both of these ladies had been contacted and told what was going on,there would have been no negative post or hard feelings. It is understandable that when someone has tragedy in their lives that they would not be thinking of seed trades,and I am sorry to hear that this person has suffered as she is,it really is alot for one person to take. But at one point you do have to take care of your commitments,even if it is a brief email saying..."I didnt forget about you.Please hold on a bit longer"...
This situation can be a valuable lesson for others,communication is golden and it can avoid alot of, what I consider a tragedy, here. I hope there is a happy ending to all of this,I don't like seeing people I care about hurting or on the defense. I know this is really none of my business,but it has been bothering me, and from an outside point of view,I think there can be resolution in this and that everyone will come out smiling! I dont know the person all this is about,but I do know you ladies,some better than others,and I know you all have hearts of gold and are great people!:)

Oh, and Fran, I do believe that the PO can be not so dependable....dont get me started on that!...lol.... ~Angie,who hopes no one is mad at her for this post!

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