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daogirlJuly 21, 2011

Hi everyone (again!) -

Does anyone use a digital moisture meter with their plumeria? If so, what do you think the "ideal" soil moisture number is (mine goes from 1-10, with 1 being dry and 10 being soaked)? I realize that plumies can stay on the drier side, but I was curious if they have a favorite soil moisture level.

ok, because that question is so boring, here's a picture of an inflo on one of my plumeria ... I love how much of a color change is present between the new and old blooms!

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labland(Inland Valley CA9)

Nice photo! I too love how the flowers change color as they get older, just like they do in the heat!

Honestly, I have the same digital reader, but wsn't sure which number to start watering at. I have the other type that simply goes from dry to moist. I will start to use both to get an idea. On the one that starts with dry, when it gets into the high, dry range, I water, especially with the hotter weather. I think with the number one I was watering when it was around 3, but that is a guess.

Also, have you looked on line to see if they have w website for the reader you have? It may help. I may go outside and get mine to look it uo. Good luxk!

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Thanks for the reply! I saw in another post that you're in La Verne. I'm in Claremont, so we're probably working with just about identical climates. Did you get your digital meter from the Armstrong on Foothill? That's where mine came from - it had a fold-out sheet with the moisture numbers for different plants, but, alas, no plumeria! Good idea about the website - I'll try and find it & maybe there's more info.

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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

daogirl, I don't use a digital meter, but enjoy your picture! Love the change from deep pink to almost white! It always amazes me when I see plumerias do that!

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labland(Inland Valley CA9)

Yes, I am close, and yes, I bought it at Armstrong. I checked my other reader today. I noticed that it is divided into dry, moist and wet, and also has numbers beside it. 0-3 is the dry range, 4-7 is moist range and 8 up is wet. Today, many of my "dry" on the one reader indicated 0.0 on the other reader. I was right, I water when I get in the 3 range. I remember now why I started back using the other one, the one you have I have a hard time reading in the full sun, but it works great!

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