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gllc21February 7, 2008

As you have read we are starting a nursery and very slowly this year just taking on a few things and working on building up stock and planning, planning and more planning for the following year.

Ok I am using impatiens as an example so bear with me here. Ok, I am looking at the catalog from Germania. It lists an impatien as Accent Blush Pink and is from seed so this would be safe to propagate. Plus all the ones that say Veg on them are patented. I love to propagate stuff but would never ever want to do something wrong so I want to make sure that all these years I have not been confused about this.

Also in your opinion which would be the best grower?

Of course I checked this site and it is overwhelming...

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Im not sure what your question is, other than "what would be the best grower". In your example, you can purchase the seed of Accent Blush Pink, germinate it, grow it sell it. You COULD collect seed from the plants that you grow, but since these are hybrids, they wouldn't be Accent Blush Pink. The "veg" ones that you are talking about are propagated by cuttings. You can purchase the unrooted cuttings, and root them yourself, or you can buy them from a plug and liner supplier already rooted. You CANNOT take cutting from those plants, and make more plants to sell. It sounds as if you are interested in growing some basic bedding plants, so seed propagated impatiens are probably the direction you would want to go in, as the input costs are less.

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Thank you so much... this is what I thought but I just did not know how to articulate it as you did.


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