Is this anything to worry about ?? (Spots on leaves)..

chuy415July 14, 2014

Just came across this cutting I'm rooting... Not sure if it's something to sowey about. I didn't notice anything under them :/.

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Here's another pic of the cutting- not sure what it could be ;(

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rust maybe? I have the same kinda spots on some of mine and have been thinking it is rust....

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

looks more like sunburn on the branch and possibly on the leaves. Rust is very orange. You can put a toilet paper roll cut open over the branch to cut the hot sun but leave air. I put DAP on one bad burn of mine and it worked.

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Andrew Scott

Bill is right. I had never seen rust before until I had gone to Florida. I was told to strip all the leaves and dispose of them in the trash. I had no problem with that since I was taking them home with me. Once the new leaves started growing, I had no rust.


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thanks.... will try both methods Bill.... :).. hope to see ya soon :)

Thanks Andrew and texasplum


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