Oleander cuttings at this time of year-will they root?

lsst(7b)February 5, 2008

In my parents neighborhood, there has been an Oleander shrub growing for about 30 years.

The house and land sold where the Oleander was and I noticed today that the new owners had cut the shrub all the way down and plan on taking the whole thing out. The limbs were on the ground and I picked up some that were old and new wood.

Will these root since the plant was cut in the middle of winter?

I am in zone 7 upstate SC.

Thanks in advance!

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

In Phoenix, 40 years ago, I did an experiment for a university lab where I bundled oleander cuttings and buried them upside down like some old textbooks recommended for moving grape cuttings over great distances. I got about 70% success after planting them upright in the spring.

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georgez5il(z5 IL)

You should have no problem starting the cuttings "inside" at this or any other time of the year.

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I just found a seed pod on one Oleander stem with feathery seeds. How do I plant and grow these?

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