Rate and Review Round Robins?

poisondartfrogApril 5, 2008

I am just wondering-does anyone ever post a review for an exchange? I'm not thinking of the exchanges where individual partners are assigned. I guess I am thinking particularly about exchanges that recurr yearly or seasonally, like the mass seed exchanges; many of which have titles that indicate that it is a cyclical event?

I participated in 14 seed exchanges fall of '07 to date for planting this season and I put them all in a spreadsheet ranking them 1-14 in several areas that includes notes about which ones I will not participate in again, those that I will participate in provisionally, and the really great ones. (I know, Anal Alana). I was just thinking that if they were rated somewhere, I might have joined some I overlooked or stayed away from some that were disappointing.


Thanks, Alana

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grovespirit(Zone 9)

Why not post your rankings here? I would like to see them.

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That is a good idea, but I think it may have negative results on you.

Lets say you post a neg fb for "123 seeds" a group that swaps reg. (I don't know of any group by that name, and am not suggesting any group either) Then, you want to join in with "abc seeds", they have seen your fb and don't want you talking about there group so you are not welcome.

Also, you might want to consider this, lets say 123 has 18 ppl in it that swap on a reg basis and you join one swap, get a bad package and don't do any more with them, one bad apple.......I've done a few swaps with a few diff groups and have had very diff packages from ppl in the same group, one might send just what is in the guidelines, and someone else in that same group might send a whole lot more! (Fortunately I've always gotten boxes I'm happy with :) So, it's not just the "group" it's the individual.
I have also seen posts in some threads regarding ppl not sending the appropriate amt of seeds/plants/etc, and usually it is taken care of there. Did you try posting your dissapointment on the swap thread?

Have you tried looking up old threads of the groups before you join? You might want to look and see what type of ppl are in them first. Some groups are very chatty, share a lot of pics n things, others are just pretty cut and clear and stay on topic of the swap at hand.

Just my thoughts

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angelady777 (was angelady on GW) - Zone 6(6)

I would like to know your thoughts on previous round robins, too, as well as other people's opinions, but I could see a big downside to it as well, like Vic mentioned.


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