Looking fo a Special Pepper.

seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)July 21, 2014

Hi guys
Some of you may already know me ( seysonn) as this forum is my favorite hangout on GW. I have learned a lot from many of you in all areas of growing peppers and I am still learning. I have not yet have become a TRUE chili head yet but working on it.:-) I have grown Habanero and pequins in the past. Those are probably as high as I have reached on Scovillle Heat ladder.

Now, I like orange habanero. I am also growing red version. But I am interested in another variety wit a SHU of 50k to 300k with GOOD FLAVORE. Now I understand that "GF" can be personal and subjective but when there is a common consensus about a taste or flavor, I'll but it and willing to try it.

BTW: I am also growing some Chinese 5C, Bishops Crown, Pointsetia and Lemon Drop. Probably BC is mild but I don't know about the other ones.

So what do you recommend ?


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Personally, I like the Lemon Drop and the Pequin. Very flavorful and not too hot.
My approach is to grow Ghosts and use them dried or as a puree to adjust the heat of salsas and sauces made from more flavorful peppers, like the Numex Suave Orange habanero. I also have some tree habs growing and they're really good too.

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Yellow Fatalii

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Golden cayenne- maybe my overall favorite pepper so fair
I have seeds if you are interested.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Lemon Drop will be at the upper end of your personal heat envelope. One of my favorites.

plantsman already said what was say = Yellow Fatalii.


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The Lemon Drop, also known as Aji Lemon ranged around 15K to 30K. This is used for a few dishes in Peru.
Yellow Fataliis come from South Africa and are 10 times hotter at 200K to 350K. I'm growing one that tastes like it is more like 700K. I'm growing both. The Fataliis have more fruity of a taste where the lemon drop, being a bacctatum doesn't have as much meat to it compared to these chinensises.

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Yah, I am growing some Aji Limons this year and they are not that hot. Very distinct flavor, but barely within my heat range which is no where near Habanero. The aji limon might be a little below your 50,000 lower limit. You are probably looking in the Cayenne range of heat. I have heard the Golden Cayennes, as suggested above are good, but have never grown them. Some others you might consider are the Thai varieties, Pequins, Birds Eye or scotch bonnet.
Good luck.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Alright. Thanks a bunch guys. I prefer thick walled peppers. For that reason I am growing Manzano. It is podding. Hurray. Thanks to Tim.

I am already growing Lemon Drop, red and orange hab. So I will add Golden Cayenne next season. How about scotch bonnet ? I might consider yellow Fatali as well. I am on my way becoming a rookie chili head. I am using chili sauce in place of ketchup now. haha

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Orekoc(7 Willamette Valley Oregon)

What's your recipe for chili sauce?

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

My recipe is simple :

1- hot pepper of choice ( I use habaneros)
2- for the filler I use red/orange/yellow sweet peppers.
3- cut up, (get the seeds core stems out ). add garlic ?
4-boils/simmer in vinegar/water ( 2/1) until soft. You can add sweetener to cut down acid taste.
5- add salt ?
6- blend the heck out of its.
7- proceed with BWB canning.

Basically, my sauce is just made with peppers. I don't like things like, carrots, tomatoes in it ..strictly pepper.

Fruity Flavor:
I don't like pineapples but sometimes I flavor my sauce with pineapple puree/juice. This is a more mild fruity version that I use on just about any food, like ketchup.

I usually make small batches and whenever I run out I make a new batch. So no need to preserve or can. If you do it with straight vinegar, you don't even need to refrigerate the bottle that you are using. NO bacteria can grow in a solution with a pH of under 3. I have pickled hot peppers in straight vinegar that are almost 5 years old. They are on the counter (as decoration). they are not even sealed.

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Try using Goya Bitter Orange or lime juice instead of vinegar. Still get the tartness but without the overpowering vinegar flavor...

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