a1chemyst(7-Georgia)February 17, 2010

Well i got 3 diffrent primroses... they all have the same foliage i figure color of the flowers is irrelevant... 25 cents EACH! woo. but once i told my other gardening people about them they were mad i didnt get them any extra. great friends right? lowes is about out of the prims, at least the decent ones, obviously for 25 cents they were on the clearance rack but they were still some nice ones. anyhow i thought maybe i could just cut off a leaf and throw some rooting compound on it, stick it in peat or something. they need to keep all the leaves they can because the freaking woman threw them in the bag and broke off a whole lot... they never leave them out of the bag when you tell them to. there are also a few iffy flowers that may need to be cut off, so any success with the flower stalks? Thanks

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Flower stoks.... no way....
Can you use the leaves in the bag?

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Primroses here are long lasting perennials. I remove them from the garden when it gets hot in the summer and place them in a large container in a shady area. In the winter I divide them and replant in the garden. I get several years out of a few plants and the ones that get looking ratty I just throw away. Al

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so, take a shovel and cut it in half and leave some roots? yes? ok then?

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Primroses produce multiple crowns. Divide by separating the crowns with their own roots. Splitting a single crown into two,generally is not successful. Al

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