Propagating Fig Cuttings

charlieboringFebruary 25, 2014

I am attempting to propagate Fico Nero, Nero Nobile, and Hardy Chicago fig cuttings. I have never done this and I want to get a head start on the spring. Questions: 1) Will it work? 2) How long will it take before the cuttings begin to show growth? The procedures that I used are as follows: 1) Cut small verical cuts on the bottom end of the cutting about 1 inch long; 2) Cover the bottom end with the vertical cuts with rooting harmone; 3) Prepare a 6-inch pot with potting soil and make a hole in the soil center the size of the cutting; 4) Carefully place the bottom of the cutting in the hole about 3 inches deep and press the soil around it; 5) Water the pot until it is very moist; 6) Cut the bottom out of an appropriately sized plastic bottle and put the bottle over the cutting, forming a mimi-greenhouse; 7) Place the pots under an artificial light seeding set-up and water as necessary to keep moist. The basement where the lights are set up in about 63 degrees.

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prefered changes to your method. 1) apply 0.1% IBA Rooting hormone to cutting. The plastic bottle is not realy needed & may may result in fungal growth on the cutting...takes 20-60 day. have had minimal luck (20-30%) to root.
Prefer to air layer to get the plant.

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I started my fig cuttings on 3/1/2014. Just too a look at my fig cuttings on 3/7/2014 and the fico nero buds are starting to break out. Since the basement is about 63 degrees, I used a mini greenhouse (plastic bottle) to raise the temperature to an acceptable high and keep the humidity high around the cutting. The nero nobili has not yet started to break its buds out. I believe the nero nobili cutting did not have enough buds on it, so I put a new cutting in the same pot on 3/9/2014 to see if that one will do any better. The nero nobili cuttings may be too dry. I started all over with the chicago hardy cuttings. The dog got into the pot and chewed the one Chicago hardy cutting that I potted. I started three more chicago hardy cuttings on 3/9/2014. The mini-greenhouse keeps the humidity high around the cuttings; you can see droplets collecting on the bottle sides. Since the cuttings are under flourescent shop lights, the temperature is raised but not extremely so. I have not measured the temp but it looks like it is about 75 degress.

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