Ponytail Palm suckers

docook01February 24, 2007

I have a ponytail palm (beaucarnea recurvata) that has multiple suckers on its base. I have tried before to remove them and get them to start but have been unsuccessful. Does anyone know how the suckers should be removed to make new starts?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i am pretty sure there is a palm forum .. if no chimes in here .... good luck


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what kind of palm is that "ponytail"? if it is a phoenix dactylifera, i.e. date palm tree ( sorry for taking this assumption ) then removing the suckers require taking into consideration the following:
case A - if the sucker on base of mother has roots on earth, then the suitable time for removing it from mother when it weighs between 20 - 30 kg, by digging making a rather wide hole until the base of the sucker is clear on the bottom ( cutting roots is no problem) go ahead; and then by using a heavy sharp tool (spade alone might not be enough )try to hit carefully between the mother's trunk and the sucker not to harm any of them, until a clean and save separation of sucker completed. rap roots area with wet fiber until planting.
case B- if sucker is located on a high spot on trunk not reaching the ground, then cut the bottom surrounding stubs ( by a saw )until the base of the offshoot is open , then try to support with the help of mother's trunk if necessary a container holding soil to the base of that offshoot , and then water it each time you attend mother i.e. layering that sucker until roots grow say within one year, then you can separate it from mother carefully, and hope happily ever after

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ponytail palm " beaucarnea recurvata " , I just noticed that , please excuse my assumption as I said in my previous post and hope someone will help you solve your matter.

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I have a ponytail palm that is about 10 feet tall and 20 years old. It's getting too tall for my livingroom. Can I cut off the top and get a new start from that top?..if so, what about the remaining stem, will that produce shoots? I'd love to have advise about how to do this. Thanks!

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Thanks for the feedback regarding the above posting. I really hate to lose the plant and the methods don't seem to be too successful, maybe I'll just do nothing for now, unless others have had more success. Thanks for the suggestions.

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Ibought a ponytail palm. It has several 4or 5 seperate bulbs or tuber formations along with the main one. They vary in size from a baseball to golf balls all have leaves. Can I seperate and plant?

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For the first time in over 30 years, my ponytail palm / elephants foot has a sucker. I just noticed it this spring. The sucker is now about the size of a green onion and is two or three inches up the stalk of the plant - ie above the base. When is the best time to try to excise it and get it to root by itself? I hear all I need to do is cut it off with a sharp knife and use a rooting compound in succulent soil.

I've uploaded a picture.

Thanks. Any advice will be warmly welcomed.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Drink, if you ask in the house plant forum, people who have done this before should respond.

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