comparative economics of 'portable farms'

lunaverdeMarch 2, 2009

I have been studying the economics of the portable farm (fins and roots combination) this too good to be true?...Look up on Google...Portable Farms.....

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Have taken the time to study this and it does not fit into my busness plan.

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The economics of this system is an excellent way to evaluate this system. I recently had interaction with Colle Davis, the "inventor" of the system, regarding the portable farms system. After much discussion with Colle, I decided to order his smallest system to "test the waters" so to speak. I thought it was reasonable at $1900. So, I sent him my order form. The next day, he emailed me and said that he needed me to sign an non-disclosure agreement (NDA). I thought this was a bit strange, but signed it anyway. I just wanted to get the kit and get started. Well, a day later, I had not heard back, so I emailed Colle again. No response. Finally, after two days, he emailed me back indicating that they no longer sell the kits. He said you can only get system through one of his "certified" dealers. Well, that was really strange, especially after he had happily taken all my personal information and my order! He went on about his "intellectual property" and was just flat out odd about things. Colle has no certified dealers on the east coast that are anywhere close to me. Then, in doing more research, I find out that his dealers are charging up to $5000 for the smallest system. I also found that Colle is actively recruiting dealers. He charges them $250 for a one day class to become "certified". He pays $450 commissions for each sale of the smaller unit to the dealer.

The economics of this thing is just not there in my opinion. The folks at this company are not interested in anything except the green of the money, not the green of your veggies. Do your research, there are systems in Australia that cost several hundred dollars to put together. Most of the parts you would need are available at your local Tractor Supply store. I really just had a sour experience with these folks. Be careful where you spend you money. How many veggies and pieces of fish would it take to recoup your investment?

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