Cassava, Yuca hardwood cutting

fritz2013(7)February 20, 2013

I will be receiving some Yuca stem cuttings this week. The 8 month growing season for me ends Nov 1, so I need to start the plants immediately. The field I have chosen for the Yuca is very, very wet through May 1. Can I start the plants in this field or will the stems rot prior to rooting?
If I start the cuttings in my greenhouse in 6" pots now, when will the roots be sufficient to allow me to transplant?

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Thanks all for the replys and the Yucca issue is very common. Most every friend of mine "corrects" my spelling initially. Yuca also make tapioca flour. Some people enjoy the leaves. I hope the deer don't...

So, I agree with everyone so far. It is prerferrable to plant directly. But my soil is very, very wet. Is is a heavy soil and at the base of a hill receiving runoff from the "occassional" Oregon winter rain. The soil is still cool in March, which is when I am thinking I need to start. Do you think the plant will start here?

I am thinking I will experiment this year with attempting a couple of starts direcly in the soil. I also thought about cutting out the bottom of a 6" pot, inverting it, filling it with potting soil, maybe imbed a couple or inches in the soil for stability and putting the cutting in the pot. Worth a try?

Or do I just start everything in the 6" pots March 1 and transplant May 1?

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I seem to be having trouble gaining the attention of the "Internet's largest home and garden community".
Maybe if we ignore the plant species and I ask the question for any normal hardwood cutting.
Should I attempt to start the stems in the cool, wet soil on Mar 1 or start in the greenhouse and transplant on May 1 when the soil is drier and warmer?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

how about you do half and half..

and then you can tell us.. which worked best ...

your tongue and cheek comments cracked me up ...


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Fish on.
Thank you Ken. I have several ideas at this point. Another posting relative to tree cuttings has my attention as well. For now, do you think that 2 months in the green house will produce viable roots?

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Your zone says 7 - I'm interested to see that cassava grows in your area. I just Googled manioc/cassava propagation and got lots of hits. But obviously, I have no personal experience of this plant.

Most posters here are in N America so maybe not many have grown this plant.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

fish off.. i have no experience with this ...

contact your COUNTY Ag or extension office.. and ask them ..

or.. google the latin name like flora did ...


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