Newbie Questions - How is a RR supposed to work

purpleclover(CA Sunset 18)September 7, 2009

Well, I should have asked this before I attempted a trade, but I didn't find this forum till recently.

I'm just curious about etiquette and good practices in round robins.

Am I supposed to request the same number of plants that I offer?

Say, for example, I offer 60 plants in a trade and request 115 -- is that bad form?

What is the rule for when a trader offers five of a certain plant; is it okay for me to request four of them? Should I wait a couple of days to see if other people want them?

How are extras divvied up?

Say I send in more than 30 plants, and get back less than 20, does that mean that I can expect extras in my box?

Or does it depend on offering more unusual or popular plants instead of quantity?

If I thought I was getting extras, but didn't get any, how do I address that?

I think I've learned that sending cash for return postage is just a bad idea, what is the preferred method?

If there is an FAQ, I missed it.

Any tips you've learned, I'd appreciate.


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Hi Genez,
I see you said sending cash was a bad Idea.
Did something Bad happen?

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rosepedal(Four seasons zone4/5)


I assume on my part you had a trade go astray. Did you contact the host and try to work it out? The rate and review is here to protect traders from bad ones... I would reccomend you send a email to chemocurl she helps everyone on Gw and can give great advice... I am sorry if you felt you were burned...There are bad traders out there and we must protect each other from them... Good luck Barb

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purpleclover(CA Sunset 18)

Being my first trade, I didn't know how to anticipate shipping costs. It cost around $34 to ship out my box.

I expected I had less stuff coming back, so I sent $25 +$1 for DC. And received no change back even though the sticker on my return box indicated I should have more than $10 returned.

I emailed the host, but no word yet. But there has been more than enough time to slip the money in an envelope and mail it.

A week or so after the first trade, I joined another round robin that specified no cash, stamps only.

I will contact Sue, still interested in general guidelines.

Thanks, G

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rosepedal(Four seasons zone4/5)

G did you contact Sue? I would highly reccomend it...Cleaning carpets I will email you later..Barb

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ya that happened to me too. I sent in 20 bucks in a very big box that I assumed was going to be used to send my stuff back but instead a lg flat rate box was used to smoosh my plants back to me and the justification was that I sent in crappy plants. And I understand why you sent in so much money too because You live all the way on a different coast I only the next state over. Ya good times...I wish good karma on all who have it coming to them.

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Hi divahethr,
ever get your $ back?
I know I didn't.
How about you Genez?
I've sent the hostess more than enough emails.
How insulting, my plants are very special to me and if anyone thought they were "crappy" I would have hoped then sent them back to me rather than insult them.

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No Laura I sure didn't. I was kind of upset but people are vicious and it wasn't worth the trouble Of drama. I've had a few bad trades before and it wasn't a pleasant experience people took the side of the bad trader.

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please contact chemocurl. she really helped me.
This nonsense does not belong here.
you may not get your $ back, but you may save a gardener like us from a very nasty trader.
(( hugs))

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I did not know this side of the forum existed until today and I thought I would comment on some of the issues raised.
First, until recently I have not seen many of the large trades that happen where one person takes all the plants and redistributes them. That type of trade is problematic at best when you consider PO screw ups and the logistics of everyone mailing when they are supposed to. Life usually gets involved in all Round Robins.
Originally, a round robin traveled between the group with people adding and removing in equal amounts as it traveled. It was usually seeds and stuff at first. Now the most common is a swap between members of a particular round robin.
As far as sending cash, GW has a firm rule about no money being exchanged. You are supposed to send postage, not cash. Anyone caught selling (as accepting cash could be considered selling) on GW is removed. If any member has requested you send cash for plants, contact GW immediately. Send a copy of the e-mail with the request for cash and stay away from that person.
As far as a hierarchy on plant values that is very subjective and should not be considered. Trading is just that, trading, a plant for a plant.
I guess the real thing to be aware of is if it sounds wrong, it probably is wrong and just don't do it. There are lots of good people on this site and it is a shame that the bad ones make everyone unhappy.
Did any of this help?

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