What to do if your garden was contaminated by bleach?

OrangeRose03March 27, 2013

Last summer my neighbor was being evicted and in a jealous rage poured bleach all over my daughter and my flower garden. Everything was killed. We dug out some of the dirt, added potting soil, and let it sit all fall and winter. Do you think it would be okay to plant in this spring? How would I be able to test it, and if it isn't ready how can I fix it?

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Please tell me they spent time in jail for that.

I have no idea how quickly bleach breaks down but I bet your local cooperative extension agent does. They'd be the ones to ask.

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No. I didn't press charges. I just had my landlord deal with it. There is some grass and weeds coming up since it has been getting warmer out. I'm hoping that it is usable this year and I don't have to wait longer.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Bleach will break down rapidly (!) when exposed to water, sunlight, and oxygen. The best thing you could have done is to do a little turning over every once in a while just to expose the contaminated soil. The essential soil biota regenerates rapidly, too.

I would plant your garden with no worries.

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