Plumeria Seed Pods

john11111July 3, 2006

One of my Plumeria plants has two (2) seed pods on it, but I'm not sure what to do with them. There still a dark green in color, and hard. I need some info: Do I pick them, or will they open my them selves ?? How many seeds will I find in each pod ?? Is it worth my time to plant the seeds ??

Thank you for any info that you can give me.


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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Leave them until they turn dark brown and begin to split open. If it falls off, put it in a sunny window until it splits. Inside there are 20-50 seeds with a wing on each. Plant wing up, seed down into soil and keep lightly moist. In about 10-14 days a green plant will emerge. If the wing cover does not come off, take two needles or toothpicks and split along the edge of the cover until it comes off. Be careful not to pull off the cotyledon or that seed is finished. White seeds produce mostly white as do yellow. Reds,Pinks and multicolors give a large variety of flowers in terms of size, shape, smell and colors. Seedlings take from 2-20 years to flower with 4 the average for the true flower (first flower may be completely unlike the next).

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Hi John - congratulations, oh what a joy to have seed pods. It will take aproximately 9 months to maturity. The skin will begin darken and look dried up. Slip nylon stocking over your seed pods so the wind won't carry it away when it splits open. You will have alot of fun growing from seeds.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thank You Kasie & Tdogdad, the pod's have been on the plant for approx 6 months, and I wasn't sure what to do. As soon as the pod's split open, I will plant them, and keep you informed on how well there doing. Seeds will be a new experience for me. Thank You for the link to Plumeria 101.

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Is it ok to pick the pod off the tree and take inside to mature? I have a pod on a branch that overhands a fence and I am afraid the kids will pick it.

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Kona Wings I don't know much about plumeria seed pods but if it isn't already mature I doubt it will continue to ripen once off the tree. If it's fully developed, just not dry, it might be ok. Tell the kids that the authorities will haul them away if anything happens to the seed pod. lol

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Do not pick it. Unless it is almost mature, it will not ripen the seeds as Karyn said. I would take a nylon sock or foot of an old panty hose and slip it over the pod. Tie around the stem. This makes the pod less attractive to pick off and it will hold the seeds if the pod opens. Unless the kids are spiteful little cusses, I would tell them what you are doing and ask them to help protect the seed pod so you can grow some young ones in the summer. Tell them if you are successful you will name a baby after each of them and they can see it grow. Write their names on a plant tag and put it in the pot. You might just make some young gardeners out of them. Bill

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Hello everyone ! Ijust came to this group and I have the same delima. thanks for the info. Also I have twenty plumeria trees and would like to start grafting different colors . Which ones should i put with the others ? I would like tp take my yellow rainbow and put it with my magenta, but I dont want to mess anything up . Any ideas on what to do?

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how do i get rid of the dusty rust on the plants?

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

At this time of year, I would cut off the leaf and dispose in a bag. I would clean around the plant base and replace any soil removed. Rust (which is orange-red) is not to be confused with powdery mildew (which is white). If you see rust in the spring. go to the top of this page and search the word Bayleton or rust. Bayleton is the chemical used to control rust in plumerias. Try to add a post to a topic that has something to do with your question. If not, start a new topic. both you and Buqa (question on grafting above) put your questions on a post about seed pods. Often these get overlooked as off topic. Bill

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Thanks for the good info. I have two different plants wit seed pods on them. One plant gives lavender flowers and has 3 pods on it. I had a lot of seeds i bought severalyears ago and my grandson planted them we now have 15 or so plants from his gardening. I want these pods torture so he can plant a lot more. He is proud of his plants. He has several at his house he maintains and Papa has the rest

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