Tennessee(z7TN)February 22, 2006

I'd like to share a forsythia that has been on my grandmother's property with some of my cousins. Can I take cuttings from it and get it to root to share? I'm in Middle Tennessee and they will be one of the first plants to bloom when the weather starts into spring.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

hit the link ..... read down a bit... and you might be surprised how easy it is ...

just happened to read your post.... and it reminded me about this site.. check out page 4 of the article for all the things you can bloom in the house, this time of year...i am heading out with the pruners this afternoon ... for crabs, forsythia, cherry, quince,mock orange, red bud and spirea ... go figure ... ken

Here is a link that might be useful: FYI

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Tom_w(Z7 - Ala)

Forsythia is very easy to propagate with cuttings. Sometimes blooming cuttings will root when brought indoors and placed in water.
The easiest time is during their dormant season, like Dec/Jan, but cuttings in summer, and fall also work well.
It's important to protect them from drying when leafed out cuttings are made by covering with clear plastic.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to Grow and Care for Forsythia Bush

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Take some low limbs, push them down to the ground, cover part of the stem with a shovel of dirt and you will have roots very shortly.

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newbie_in_nj(6b E/Central NJ)

I'm bumping this if it's possible from an original post dated back in '06.

The links I've seen say it's best to root and/or transplant in the fall when the forsythia is dormant.

Is that the only time that will yield good results or is this monster strong enough to withstand rooting and/or transplant most any time of year.

It's in full bloom right now and I can take some of the limbs that have transplanted themselves in the ground around the main Jolly Green Giants and move them if anyone who's had experience thinks they'd have a chance of surviving with enough moisture after transplant. Can wait until blooms are off but want to fill in a space at top of driveway that has too much root competition for most other plantings. Our Forsythia is the thug where it's interspersed among pine trees and evergreens.

Since the mother bushes are tough as nails I don't want to presume that will make taking rooted limbs from around it any easier...or if I can deviate from the recommended fall transplant time.

I was going to propogate from cuttings but there are so many babies already rooted all around mother bushes which I'll just be hacking out after all blooms are gone (or with regular fall pruning regimen) I might as well use the already rooted babies.

Thanks in advance for any experience/advice you might have to offer.

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ive done both, cuttings and babies off the mother plant. they both work great, ive did this in spring and fall.
the cuttings i just stuck in the ground n left em, they grew all on their own with no help from me. the babies i just cut off the mother plant dug up n planted.

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Am interested in purchasing bare root forsythia in quantities....need sources

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