Still working on the weeds

pepperdaveJuly 15, 2014

Another few trips and weeds should be covered. Gettin lots of pods, still have some time to go for ripe ones bot there on the way.Ill be out there again after work today unless its raining.

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Mecdave Zone 8/HZ 9

Just the thought of weeding all that plot makes my back hurt. Good job! You're a better man than me.

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WEEDS???!?!!? you are really trying to urinate me off right?? (can't say the word I want) WOW! I have never EVER had a garden look that good. Not even my raised beds. :-( Heck, this weekend I just sprayed grass killer in the beds that didn't have any plants, other than tall weeds and I was tired of weeding them by hand.

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Mecdave Zone 8/HZ 9

I just tell people I keep a few weeds around to attract beneficial insects. ;)

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Looking good dave!

Why not mulch? All that sandy soil could use the OM tilled in at the end of the season.


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I have 50 bushels of straw available at a cost of $200 if the weather gets too hot . It has not hit 90 yet so things are doing fine so Im holding off. Going to put in drip tape first so irrigation is supplied under the mulch making watering easy. Got a diesel run well going , Tape and all the fittings. Still I like to be weed free before adding any mulch. Irrigation first , then mulch. It takes a lot more water to penetrate the mulch from above then to water from below. Im just watching the weather and if I need to mulch Ill put out the $200, if not Ill save $200. Most likely you'll see straw down in my next pictures.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

I will let them what you call "weeds" grow. At this stage, they should not harm your plants unless agressively deep tooted ones growing few inches away from the plants.
Weeds in the open paths are a good green mulch, Except SOME that can go to seed stage.

Just My Opinion.

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I almost gave up gardening after all the time spent weeding the first couple of years. I started using weed block and the problem was solved!

Not my garden!

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Wow! That's going to be a lot of peppers.

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Pepperdave - did you plant them in the ground using the natural soil? If not, what did you throw down there? Also, is that regular sand on top? Why?

All for the curious pepper mind...

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Natural soil,sandy but crops grow great here. As far as weeds go I like to keep them out of my garden its not as much work to keep them under control then to get them under control. I would not spread sand on my garden just lime and Plantone and water

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I think he means what do you amend that sandy soil with, Dave. I'm sure copious amounts of OM, no?


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This is my first year at this spot. I have not added any OM at this point. I will over the winter for next year but did not have the opportunity before planting time. The dairy industry died here several years ago so getting cow manure is not happening. Lots of Horse available but it just brings new weeds into the garden.I built a 3 bin compost setup for future use so next year my soil will be a little less sandy and have better water retention . 1/2 mile up the road is dunes then beach so sandy soil is what I got and it seems to work fine.Compost sure would improve my growing conditions and Im heading in that direction. I can get all the fish guts you would ever dream of like a Dumpster a day but after using it a few years I found I needed a shower and had to change my cloths after every visit to my field. I will throw some in my compost though. I bring my fishing rod with me when I water can turn on the hose ,walk a block catch Striped Bass , Flounder,etc. walk back ,move the sprinkler and do it again.Can even collect oysters off the rocks right there. Life is good and all within 2 blocks from my peppers. Sandy soil has its drawbacks but when it comes to location this is it. Right across the street is a soft shell crab operation, another plus I get the old shells for additional amendment. Im almost tempted to never go into town again but I do need beer. Locally I am Pepper Dave [not a name I picked myself] but I kind of like it 30 years and still growing only the heat just gets more intense every year. This is no artificial paradise its the real deal

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