PSA = Plumeria Society of America Right?

Tropic_7July 24, 2012

Plumeria Friends help me understand?

I need to go read this or join and find out more information, but why does Texas have all the PSA sales?

Why not Orlando or Atlanta or Naples?

So many growers here in Florida including myself could contribute to these sales as I have over 100+ cuttings started of my own collection.

My plan is to set up a booth in downtown Sarasota Farmers Market and sell my trees, but would be more fun to sell at a real PSA event.

Help me understand the benefits of joining the PSA if it's all happening only in Texas and not all over America?

I'm sure Southern California would like to have an event also.

Help me understand...

Thank you, Stuart

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Stuart,

I certainly understand...

Southern California has their own SCPS "South Coast Plumeria Society" they do have sales to raise money and sell their plumeria.

I wish there was something like the PSA or Mid Atlantic Region Society that we could all enjoy here on the East Coast. I did join the PSA so i could get the information.. i wish that i could be there for all of those great sales..

Florida has the FPS ( FLorida Plumeria Society ) and im a menber on there. Im not sure if they have sales as of yet.. I just joined several months ago. Maybe that could help you.

Living here in Virginia... it is so hard to find others that enjoy these beauties.. No Plumeria Society around my area.. But, i think Dave (Big Wave Dave) said he would or might think about becoming President.. lol.. WYA?

Take care Stuart.. hope this helps..


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Hi Stuart,
the Plumeria Society of America was started in Houston in the late 70's. There are other local societies in various places, like Arizona, South Texas, Australia, etc. The PSA is the main registry for plumerias. The PSA is non-profit and the two PSA sales in Houston are the main fund raisers for the expenses of the society (in addition to member dues). A large portion of the sales goes to the PSA. Not everybody can participate in the sales. You have to be a member for at least two years and you have to be involved in the affairs of the PSA (volunteer for events, etc.). You people in Florida can form a society if there is not one and have sales if you like.
By being a member you support the cause of the PSA, you get five issues of Plumeria Potpourri per year with all kind of useful information, and a lot of other things listed on the PSA website. The PSA has over 300 members world-wide (including Japan, Australia, and Italy).

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If the PSA had chapters in States that were affiliated to the Houston home office, these chapters could easily raise addition income to the cause, preservation and research of plumeria.
Membership could more than double.
I guess I dream big sometimes. I do understand reality but I am also one who will hop on a plane and travel to Ecuador, Costa Rica and Brazil with university students to go plant collecting in the jungles with Selby Gardens research department.
Living in Florida where most neighborhoods where I live have plumeria trees growing around a typical home, most are common but some are not.
Neighbors trade cuttings and Flea Markets have them in pots every weekend.
And then there is Texas with the big PSA sales, everyone's so excited! People with the passion and love for these plants, I could see this happening in more places and especially here in Florida.
My mind is on a roll, I'll join the PSA if only for the educational purpose to learn more.
Perhaps the Florida Plumeria Society I've not heard of.

Thank you for all the advice, Stuart

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I think the reason why the PSA is geographically limited is it is a group of volunteers. Volunteers are just that, they all have other commitments and participate because they enjoy it but there is a limitation. That typically doesn't lead to a deeply rooted entrepreneurial spirit as an organization (the PSA sales to an extent are the exception to this statement). Add to that its a small organization with limited resources and to my knowledge no major benefactors, sponsors, or endowments.

Please keep in mind my opinion is no way critical of the PSA as every person I have met within the PSA are the type of people that we all want to know.

I would recommend finding a way to associate a Florida chapter with the PSA as being the best approach for potential members and the hobby as a whole.

Again...I hope nobody reads my comments to be critical. I am sharing my observations with the most constructive intentions.

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Minderella(9 Lake County FL)

I too would like to have sales. Even just to see different plumerias and talk to people that know more than me.


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Stuart - sounds like you are just the right kind of person to get things kicking in your area! Go ahead and dream big, make things happen!

Laura is so right. There are very few in the area that even know what a Plumeria is. It can be so disheartening sometimes. I don't know if Laura has ever found a plumeria locally, (I've wondered about McDonald's Garden Center, Laura), but I did get my white noids locally at a feed and seed store. Chances are slim that she will ever order any more.

Go for it Stuart! Maybe some of us up this way could make a trip for one of your big sales! :)

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


I agree.. Go for IT!!

You could have the enthusiam to get others in your area respond and im sure you could have a large group.

Please keep us updated and i wish you all the Luck. "Plumerias Gods will shine on you!!"

Hi Mona

You are correct.. noones knows what Plumeria are around here except for my local Hydroponics store who had a tree in the front window for many years. I would look at this poor big tree and would actually feel sorry for her because she needed trimming up . Spidermites had taken over this tree and i felt so bad for her. They changed hands and the new owner threw her in the garbage. : (

What a waste. I tried to hide my shocked face when he told me... MMMM MMmmmmm..

McDonalds Nursery on Independence does carry only a few Noids and they charge 39.99 for a Noid. They have had them for many years and they look ok. I am not buying any more Noids especially for that price. I did ask the owner about buying new varieties ... he expressed some interest, but said they didnt have a demand here. He also said.. "If is doesnt bloom, there is no room" so he more less said that he wouldnt put them in his nursery if they didnt have blooms, so that is why he wouldnt order more. I tried to explain if he bought certain named varieties, that the word would get out, but he didnt seem to want to listen. They just want to move plants to quickly...i can understand that aspect of his business. One of the nice ladies there let me walk out back and see the Plumeria they did have. They were in need of some TLC and Fertilizer..but would be a nice plant for someone who wanted a large tree (Noid).

I wish we had more places to shop in the VA/NC area. it is frustrating, but then again, it makes me work even harder to prove that we can do it here.

I have lots of inflos this season..more that ever, so i am very happy!

My blooms will be posted when i have more opening.

Thank you to all that contribute to these forums and teach us. I don't know how or where i would be if it wasn't for many of you!



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ROAD TRIP to Florida!
I had no idea the PSA was started & based in Houston, every day you learn something new.

Stuart is right, chapters around the country would be awesome. Otherwise it is kind of the PST (plumeria society of Texas) isn't it? Members might be all over the world but attending meetings and socializing is a bit difficult. I don't want to drive into Houston on a week night and I'm just 80 miles south. Stuart, wanna change jobs with me? LOL!
Tally HO!

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The PSA society in Houston was started by 3 women back in 1979 with 75 members and today, I'm not sure how many mermbers there are but they come from around the world.

I joined a little over a year ago and have learned much from them. They have I belive 4 meetings a year and at the meetings they will have discussions on various topics. For example, one meeting two different members brought plants and showed how to graft; what type of grafting tape to use, when you might use a screw to hold the branches together and what type of screw to use, etc. Another meeting they talked about what to do in increment weather (hurricanes). Another meeting they talked about getting your plants ready for winter. So all in all I have gained alot of knowledge from them and this forum. I have mixed and matched the information and gone with what works for me. They also have alot of good information on their website. Old newsletters are there which contain very informative articles and great pictures of plumerias too.

There is a Florida Plumeria Society which is a Yahoo group. You might contact them and ask about the possibility of them hosting a plant sale.

Here is an article on the PSA history.


Here is a link that might be useful: PSA History

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Its a great source of information. No doubt. Until reading this post I had assumed the PSA was the parent organization and the other organizations (like SCPS and Gulf Coast Plumeria Society) were chapters of the PSA.

My interpretation of the question which is being asked is can chapters of the PSA be formed in thier locale? or is the PSA interested or capable (by charter and/or bylaws) of doing such a thing?

Unspoken but understood that the "chapter" would consist of PSA members in good standing with the rules of the PSA.

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Hey Folks, just got home and finished my chicken dinner.
It's 8:17PM Gee Wizz were did the day go?

kms2, Yes, a Chapter would consit of PSA members in good standing with the rules of the PSA.
Benefits from sales at events would go towards the Houston based PSA in support.
This can also attract new supporters to the website and have local and national articles on Plumeria.

If I read exactly, doesn't Naples Botanical Gardens have a kindered relation with the PSA? I noticed this one the PSA website? Maybe what I'm searching for is 100 miles south of me?

I feel a more centralized location for Florida would be Orlando. I know here in Bradenton (right on the coast) south of Tampa, I have access to the Palma Sola Botanical Gardens complete with a plumeria garden. Plenty of area for out door sales and a real nice pavilion recreation hall.

The possibilities are endless.
I bet if I called Florida Colors, Brad's Buds & Blooms, The Mad Plumerian and a few others they'd be in on it.
At least start out with a once a year sale and event.

I met a Roger Galle and wife from the Gulf Coast Plumeria Society last weekend and I mostly just listened to what he had to say. I do know that the GCPS is inactive at this point. I don't see it coming back. All I can say is...Open minds say more than open mouths, so my mind was open and learned a lot.

My thoughts go to all of the Florida Growers who are in it for a business and a way to help support their sales and add new customers if they choose.

I'm sure there are many talented growers with tips and ideas enough to share at the events.

I would have my work cut out for me, but why not?
First things first, research, ask questions and listen & take good notes and make next April a deadline/goal.

Mahalo Nui ( Thank you very much ) Stuart

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Stuart, you have some wonderful ideas! Maybe you're what the existing societies like the GCPS need to get them active again. With email being cheap and easy all it takes is one dedicated volunteer to keep interest alive with quarterly email newsletters and an annual sale announcement.

I know for sure that some Houston PSA stalwarts spend their winters traveling Florida and enjoying the plumies there. The interest must be there, it's probably just a matter of finding the right people with your passion.

Best of luck and let us know if you need any help!

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stormys_mom(Md 7a)

Woohoo Stuart!! I agree with the others. Get that ball rolling. We here on the east coast have nothing. I am in the Mid Atlantic, but would join your chapter. If Psa sales were on weekends, you bet I would hop a plane and come down. Even thou I am new to all this, I read everything I can. I lurk and look at all of everyones pictures here as well as other forums. I think this is a wonderful idea and I know from the beauty of your trees and the work you have done at the gardens you are the man for the job!!! I would love to meet everyone and just be able to sit and talk about these beauties. People here don't know what they are when they ask what my sticks are until I mention Hawaii and the lei flowers. This would be so wonderful for all of us on the east coast, especially those of us farther north. We love them as much as the southerners do!!

Much luck with this, I hope it comes to life!!!


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