mylar film to help with heat retention

watermanjeff(z7 AR)February 15, 2014

Hi, I hope this isn't too off-topic. I had the idea of using the mylar which is inexpensive to buy in rolls to cover the propagation house (it is small) on those REALLY cold nights but it is too flimsy and tears too easily. My question is, has anyone tried adhering the mylar film to a tarp with adhesive spray and then using it as a blanket and would there be any advantage over the tarp alone?

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I use cheap mylar emergency blankets inside around my propagation chamber and it retains the heat from the fluorescent lights so well it reaches 90+ degrees if I don't watch it. The room is in the 60's. So, mylar certainly helps. Covering the mylar to give a cushion between the atmosphere and the area you want to keep warm will surely help. I bet multiple layers of mylar would work as well. I don't deal with the weather and the wind, so I am not sure how this translates to your scenario, but I can attest that mylar certainly retains heat. Even the cheap see through emergency blanket from a first aid or survival kit.

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Had another thought...

Professors at TAMU have done research where having the greenhouse, or growing space, full of plants helps regulate temperature.

Also, space permitting, water works wonders. I know a farmer in Belville, TX that has a tunnel house made from single layer poly and they use 55 gallon metal drums full of water to keep things from freezing. The water releases heat in order to freeze. Sounds crazy, and won't keep you toasty, but might be the few degrees difference it takes to keep things from freezing.

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