Crepe/Crape? Myrtle Propagation Help with Setup

robins1stgarden(7)February 24, 2014

Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone had any pictures of their crepe myrtle cuttings being propagated. Last year I took about 10 cuttings and was only able to get 2 of them to root (they are in the ground now so I'm not sure if they made it through the winter or not). I wanted to improve on last years try, so was hoping someone here could possibly show me some pics of your setup so I can do better than last year.

Here is what I did last time:
1-10 Cuttings (cut at a node) off of new growth, about 6 inches each.
2-Took off all leaves except for the top 2.
3-dipped the cut end in rooting hormone
4-put in pot with sand/potting soil mix
6-covered with a quart size freezer bag for green house effect.
7-placed in south facing window
8-waited....and waited....and waited....

Any help here? I would really appreciate it. I'd like to get a handle on it before the new growth starts in a few months.

Since then, i've purchased a 5 x 4 x 2 mini greenhouse and also have a 4'L grow light now so if these items will be helpful to use, i can do that.

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Take cuttings of firm new growth apply 0.1% IBA (Rooting hormone) stick in well drained soil & misttakes 21-100 days to root.
covering the cuttings promotes fungal growth. put in a low light with good circulation but not in draft.
may also use root cuttings, seed also very useful.

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I've used to strike a lot of crepe myrtles & had good luck with both spring & fall slips.

Rooted under a simple mister ("porch cooler" from Lowe's) in full sun.

I treated them like rose cuttings--slightly wounding through the bark on the bottom 1" or so, used a coarse media of blasting sand #3 & coir.

Perhaps the biggest difference is I always used a strong commercial hormone--Rhizopon #3--.8% IBA. It makes a big improvement for me when I try to root woody plants like roses & crepe myrtles. Hope this is useful.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Dirr's recommendations for rooting crApe myrtle cuttings closely match Yiorges's instructions. Dirr recommends taking the cuttings in June, July, or August to maximize take-rate and minimize over-wintering problems.

When not growing cuttings under mist, I usually cover (like you mentioned) my cuttings to conserve moisture, but (related to Yiorges's comments) I do leave the cover slightly ajar to allow some air circulation.

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