Desert Sunrise bloom...

Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, VirginiaJuly 30, 2011

Hello Everyone...

Wanted to share some more pics of the blooms today!!

Desert Sunrise

Mary Moragne

Pu'u Kahea


Some other pics...


Have a great day everyne...

Leaves are much better... i really think that i sprayed for mites and the intense heat even though i sprayed the night before, really did the damage...they are all coming back strong and healthy!!!

Thanks for all of your support!!!

Laura in VB

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I am speechless...everything looks wonderfull Laura.I'm like you I see when it comes to plants and line your patio with plants.My mother tells me its like a full time job with that many plants, I tell her yes and I treat wach one like there my kids.Your plumeria look very healthy. I potted my cuttings last Tuesday and its driving me crazy not knowing whats going on down below. I also keep looking for signs of change on my currings every day it too is driving me nuts. Everything looks wonderful... have a wonderful sun filled day - Evie

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

IN all the years I've had a Pu'u Kahea, and it nearly bloomed, then the cold garage root-damage thingy happened. I was able to salvage a large cutting which is now rooted, so the wait begins again.

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labland(Inland Valley CA9)


Beautiful pictures! Keep up the good work! How is your family? Jennifer

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Whoa, that Desert Sunrise is a killer color in your heat--gorgeous!

The adenium looks like it's sitting on top of an exercise ball, lol.

Love, love, love the J105, Laura! The fuzzy maroon petioles are cool, too. Mine is just sitting there, adjusting to this heat, no sign of an inflo.

That's quite a collection of lightning whelk shells you've got there on the far right of your bottom photo. I thought those were only found in the Gulf.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

here is another pic of my DR's....

have a great day everyone...

Laura in VB

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Oh Laura, just BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Are those flowers really as big as your hand? You do such a wonderful job at bringing your plants to flower year after year.
I am grateful too that you have helped me to begin to even get them to be healthy and some to flower, let alone survive them through the winter. It was you that helped mine make it through the toughest months.

I LOVE the shape of those DR's, the scene of your yard, the palms, the plumeria and the doggie!

Thank you for such beautiful pictures and for all your support and plants!


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,


Thank you so much for all of the kind comments...
You have hit the nail on the head!!! It is the toughest part of growing Plumeria during the rooting stage. We all cant wait to see what is happening, but we have to be patient and leave them alone. I know its hard to do, we are all guilty of peeking, but we all have learned to let them be...That is the best advice we can give you all!!!

It is a job taking care of all of the trees, but i love it!! We all love it!!! That's why we all understand each other so well!!! : )


My Pu'u Kahea has taken several years to bloom. It is worth the wait!!! Let us know when u have more blooms...

ill be chatting with you soon!!!


Thank you!!! ALl of the Plumies have seemed to be fine now that i sprayed and the heat took its toll on the leaves..they all dropped and i lost more than normal. But, i believe i sprayed when it was way to and learn!!!!

Everyone here is doing great!! Thanks for asking. K is back home and everything is getting back to normal. She is feeling really good and is very grateful for the new lease on life... Im so happy!!!! ANd relieved!!!!
Thanks again for all of ur support!!

Hey Jen in TX!!!

That Dr that looks like its sitting on a ball, well i truned it around today and i found a seedpod that had been hiding in the back of it..its huge!!! Not to be confused with the seedpod on the DR that is "mooning" everyone..LOL

I did have a great friend that encouraged me to get the "nerve" to cut them back!!! So, i listened, and i 'm so glad i did. They have really filled out nicely and look very happy! Thanks for the encouragement!!! : )

You have a great eye on the Whelks!! I have collected them since i was a little girl. The larger ones at the bottom of the stand are over thirty years old...We do still find them here at the beach. But, not as plentiful as they used to be. You can still find them on the outer banks of NC and at certain times after a good Northeaster...i love to go and look for shells!!!!

The J=105 is a beauty!!! I do have to agree with you. The blooms are thicker than any other and has a wonderful scent. Im so glad that it has finally bloomed. I cant wait for yours to bloom...Please post ur pics when it finally opens!!!


Welcome back to the "Plumie" You know that i support you in all that you do!!!

Yes, those blooms are as big as my hand...they are quite large!!!

Im glad u like all of the pics....tell Sissiy that im glad she did receive the email!!! are so funny!!!

I cant wait to see the "sister" to my girl that likes to "moon " everyone...i know u have one that is close!!!

Whenever u need anything please just ask!!!

I hope u are feeling better and that your mom is getting around too!

Hugs to you and SIssy!!!

I hope she likes the pics of the "attitude DR" LOL!!!

Take care and im so glad to...

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labland(Inland Valley CA9)

Good to hear everything is going well!

I forgot to mention... Of course, LOVE THE DOG! :-)


Two of my seedlings survived from the six seeds you sent me. I will have to post pictures for you. Mahalo. Jennifer

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Jennifer, I was just thinking of you and wondering how the seedlings were coming. Hope those two end being winners for you!

My VCR seedlings are super-vigorous and showing a lot of variations in shape and colors, though they're all big seedlings. I think I have a couple that are at least a foot tall already at nine months old.

Laura, I thought a few of my seedlings were adeniums--they were labeled Muang Sayyem, which I think means Thai Purple--because they were freebies from an adenium plant order of the same type, Thai Purple, but from all the photos I've seen of DR seedlings and seedlings in person at a local nursery, I think mine are actually tiny plumeria seedlings. Only a couple have survived of the original six and they are so small, 2-3 inches, after nine months when even the slower growing of my other batches of seedlings are towering over them. Can't believe I didn't see it before that they were clearly plumies and not DRs!

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Hey Laura:

Thank you so much for your kindness and your warm welcome back. It is nice to know someone misses you when you have been away for a while. Moms arm is not good still and I have about 3 weeks before I can to therapy to walk again.

I am so happy all is going ok with your Daughter and Mom says she is here anytime for you. Despite everything you have been through, I think your plants are doing all they can to make you smile through it all.

Thanks again and keep up the good work on all.

Mike and Sissy

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Great pics as always! The blooms on your plumerias are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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