Advice on juniper cuttings?

katskan41February 11, 2009

Hello all. Typically I grow conifers from seed so I've never tried to propigate one via cuttings. Is this difficult to do?

Can anyone recommend good web sites on this topic with clear, easy-to-follow instructions for a cutting newbie?

I've read that junipers are possibly the easiest conifers to propigate via cuttings so I should start there.



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The procedure is simple..I take cutting in the fall & stick in a "cold Frame" The cutting is about 6 inches long 4 inches (tip) is the cuttent years growth & the bottom 2 inches is last years growth. There is also taken with a heel Apply 0.4% IBA (rooting hormone)takes 4-12 weeks to root. same procedure if cutting started march/april only use bottom heat to speed up the process.

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