need help with fertilizer

geostv(Antigua, Guatemala)March 28, 2014

I am an ex-pat living in Guatemala. i bought a bag 20 kg water soluble 14-8-30 fertilizer for my flower garden and the rate of application is 300 grams per 100 liters of water. I am very math challenged, but i worked that out to equal one tablespoon per gallon. (I use this for home gardening and prefer to work in gallons.)
Can someone tell me if my conversion sounds about right? Thanks much!

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OK here's the problem you are using two different kinds of measurement weight in grams for the dry units versus a volumetric measurement of litres for the water. You don't have to be spot on with it, just close. It's telling you to use a little more than ten ounces of fertiliser for about 25 gallons of water. If you're using a lot of it, you might want to take a large container and just weigh it out and make that much. Just use out of'll be good for quite awhile. If you really just want to make it one gallon at a time, you'll need .42 ounce of fertilizer per gallon. Is that a tablespoon? You'll have to weigh it out to see since a tablespoon of something is a volumetric measurement and not a weight measurement. The weight will vary depending on what the substance is.

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I used a proportioner to spray on my fertilizer water, this is to make a finished product. If you are using some kind of devise to pull up the fertiliser water into a hose you have to figure it differently and know the ratio of solution to the rate of water being delivered. Hoze-on proportioners pull up about 12 to one at normal flow rates so the solution needs to be twelve times more concentrated than the finished product to deliver the finished product at the proper concentration. Confused? I'm sorry it's hard to explain. I'm asking if you are going to mix it up to pour directly from a watering can, or going to use some sort of device attached to a hose that the hose will pull up by venturi effect.

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geostv(Antigua, Guatemala)

Thanks for your responses. I took Calliope's advice and pulled out my digital cooking scale. 1 Tablespoon=15 gms or about 1/2 ounce. Since this gardening isn't rocket science, I will go with 1 Tablespoon a gallon. Thanks again.

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