How/Where to Sell my Plants

jsmanning0001March 26, 2012

I so desperately want to start my own nursery. However, with todays economy I'm afraid to quit my day job and dive in. I do have horticulture experience and my husband just completed my new greenhouse. I have been using a hoopstyle and having to re-wrap every year. I have finally moved up and have a polycarbonate with ventilation and everything! WOO HOO!

Anyways, I have always started my own plants and veggies from seed and gave them away. I am very good with propagating from seeds and cuttings.

I want to get into selling a few and slowly get my feet wet to avoid going in debt. I know the first few years won't be an income to live on but, it will help me payfor upgrades and a few leisures.

I have tons of veggie plants, starting to work on trees, bushes, shrubs and roses. I also have over 300 canna lilies I grew from seed.

How can I sell these plants? I live in a small country city that isn't too big but not tiny either. I have considered eBay and Etsy to help get the ball rolling. I know the trees and shrubs will have to be grown a few years before they are ready which is perfect because that's how long I plant on it taking to be able to go full force.

I have searched the threads on backyard nurseries and I am very intersested and plan on doing so. I'm just wondering what ideas you guys have on a smaller scale for the time being!

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***Let me also add***
I would like to also do wholesale to local nurseries and landscape to get me going until I started my own. I have a few landscape/nursery companies who were interested in me growing there bedding plants a few years back when I was just getting started...any thoughts or ideas on that?

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The economy is killing the nursery industry. Try selling at the farmers markets.


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bboy(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

In my area a decline in sales of lasting reliable outdoor plants like trees and shrubs has been evident for some time, with such items often sitting in sales yards for months. Outside of large independent retail nurseries most displays are heavily dominated by "color spots" and vegetable starts, with a big component of delicate, potted flowering greenhouse crops being presented for outdoor use. Apparently if it's a small plant with big often loudly tinted flowers it scratches the itch, even if it collapses later and fails to provide lasting value.

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As a professional horticulturist the best advice I can give you is to sell that which is uncommon and unique. Not sure what competition you would have but plants which are not common and have visual appeal will generate more revenue for your business then more common fare. Another consideration is to undercut your competition by pricing. Granted your margins will be lower but that will be made up in volume of sales.


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