Pictures from the PSA Sale

the_first_kms2(8/9)July 14, 2012

Here are some pictures from the PSA sale today. I drove over to Barbra's at about 630am and she drove from there. We arrived just a few minutes after the doors opened. I used my cell phone and of course pictures came second to looking for deals. These pictures were taken between 10 and 11 am after I made my rounds and in between great conversations.

Some people brought their own carts.

The check out line. This time they had two Credit card lines and one Cash line. It was much improved. Great Job Joan (and company)!


Here they are when we got back to Barbra's.

She brought back a Wildfire (back), Penang Peach (front), and Bill Moragne(right)

My take (L-R) Giant Star and GulfStream (from the Staffords), Japanese Lantern and Cali Sally (from Emerson) and not pictured a cutting of Sven (from Tex and Kay).

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Your pics are great K !!! They really had some nice size plants for sale. You got a some nice looking plants. Congrats. Peg

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My Wildfire was stored in a covered trailer for over 5 days, when I got home I put it in the sun, so it could green up. I am so happy with my plants. Nancy told me that they were the only one that had Wildfire, she could not even count how many poeple asked for it.
I feel very lucky that No-clue and I got plants. Maybe next week we will both be able to get the Raspberry Sundae. I am going to call Frank on Monday to see if he can hold two back for me. Barbra

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey K,

Looks like you found some great trees!!!

Glad you all had a great time at the sale...

Thanks for posting those great pictures!!


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They had 4 ft seedling plants that had beautiful blooms for $10. Joan was able to get a couple. They were beautiful! I bet her yard is something to see. Barbra

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stormys_mom(Md 7a)

Looks like you all had a great time and got some beauties!! I am green with envy... We have nothing like that here on the east coast :( I guess climate is everything Congrats you all did great!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures. My plants are all to young to bloom so I look at everyone elses and drool lol


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I can't believe it. I had all those blooms in front of me, and never picked up one to smell. Mr. Ambassador looked almost a dark/red pink, much darker than the picture shown. The large bloom is what got my attention. I showed it to K, I don't know if he remembers or not, a single bloom in the last row. Mr Ambassador was not listed on the available plant list, I checked when I got home. I guess I have alot to learn. I did find a Magnum Opus bloom, given to me by one of the sellers( his favorite plumeria) I told him I already have one. I gave it to K, so he could see how large the blooms is, and the beautiful backside. I even had him smell it. He has one rooting. Barbra

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Barb, I am going to LaPorte on Tuesday, if it doesn't flood. If I find rasberry sundae I'll pick up a couple. I know Larry has seedling but he might have bigger ones. I'll probably buzz by Emersons too since it is just around the corner.

Nice plants by the way. How did you manage to leave with only 3? I do not have that willpower.
Tally HO!

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I already called Larry, he doesn't have Raspberry Sundae, Emerson doesn't have it eitehr. If I don't get one at the Corpus PSA sale, I will try to root one next spring. Tally, you should see the seedlings that Joan got at the PSA sale, I looked at the pictures again they are against the wall by the check out. They are at least 5 ft tall, I think she said they were $10 each. Gosh the blooms were beautiful. Barbra

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Yes I feel so lucky about my Wildfire too! I BIG thank you to Barbra! Whether you can score us Raspberry Sundae or not I'm one happy girl! :)

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these seedlings are pretty small, but they are $5 and local.
Tally HO!

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Man I wish we had a sale here. I guess me or kenny or Robert need to get an Oklahoma plumeria society started. I know there is a good market for them here in Tulsa. I know we didn't buy up all of JJ's that were at southwood so someone out there is addicted also :)


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Minderella(9 Lake County FL)

I would like to go to one also, but I am in florida and am new so will have to see if there are any around me.


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Ah K, that was my husband that found the plants for the good price. I was working and I would look up and here he would come with another one :) He got a Vishnu Gold for $15.00, a pink seedling for $10.00, a Duke or Duke seedling (she was not sure but it looks exactly like Duke so we are thinking it is Duke) for 30.00. So he didn't do too bad. I really didn't have a chance to shop till it was almost over and by then it was pretty picked over.

You and Barbra were able to get some nice ones!!!

And Barbra, I owe you a deep apology. When I looked for Raspberry Sundae, all they had out at that time was cuttings. I never saw them in pots till someone came thru the line with one and by then they were all snatched up. I am still going to keep an eye out for one for you.

I wish everyone could attend a society sale. They are so much fun and the variety is amazing. Some plants can be a little pricey but there are some that are very reasonable. And if you come at the end, you can even get some great bargains if they don't want to take them back home!

And by the way it was great to see you and Barbra. Sorry Jen could not make this one.


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Me, too, Joan! If B, K and I were all there we could've strolled in like a gang. We'll just have to try to get together for one of the spring open houses next year. You, too, Emily. CenTex Plumeria Club field trip!

Barbra, you're gonna be glad you got that Bill Moragne when you get the first basketball-sized inflo it's famous for.

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Jen, I bought it for Andrew, so I will only see the inflos on the fourm. Barbra

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And Barbra I appreciate it more than you know!
Thanks again!

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I need a 6month lead to get a day off. How far in advance do they announce the sales? I will be at the next one if I have to call in dead.
Tally HO!

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I met your husband in the parking lot while we were loading up B's car. He was collecting shopping carts but he looked like he knew something that I didn't so I shook him down for info.

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Tally, Allene just got a newletter that all South Texas Plumeria members received I think it was in April. Nothing was put out there for the public until July. I don't even know if they will list of available plants. I don't think they advertise, I think its more for the locals, which could be good for us. I won't know anything until Saturday when I get there. I do know I have seen what Frank and John have in their backyards, they have 60 or more named plumeria plants growing in their front, back and side yards. Allene said it will be smaller than the Clear Lake Sale, I think it will be more like the one this past saturday. I will check to see if it is always the 3rd saturday of July, if it is. Next year if you can get off, come down on Thursday or Friday, stay with me in Rockport and we can drive down together Saturday morning, its only 30 minute drive to Corpus. Afterwards we can walk thru my yard and you can see if I have anything you want. Be sure and bring dirt I have pots. I think they will some diffrent named plumeria than what we saw this past weekend.
I traded plants for seedlings from Larry, mine are almost 2 yrs old I think I will have to wait another 2 yrs to see blooms. Barbra

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surfbreeze(9 TX)

Kenny, I must have been right behind you at the door waiting to get in. I only got a couple (Charlotte Ebert and Thorton Lemon Drop) but enjoyed the sale very much. Very nice photos! Thanks.

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I believe the PSA sales are the 2nd Saturday in June and the 2nd Saturday in July so hopefully you can make one next year!


Too funny about meeting my husband. He was saying something about the people from San Antonio and I couldn't remember if he was with me when I talked to you but then I thought, no that was my sister. You should have talked to him about grafting - he is pretty good with that!


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I knew he knew something!

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Thanks! I will fill in vacation forms tomorrow and keep them ready.
Barb, it`s a date. you are welcome to come & stay here prior to the Clear Lake show. I have pots and a shovel so you can raid the yard.
Tally HO!

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