Need to create landscaping catalog

lumpygravyMarch 8, 2006

I have a small landscaping company, and in the past I used a local suppliers catalog to show customers when I would do sales and estimates. This year they are not offering a catalog, and besides, it's time I make my own. Does anyone here know where I can go to get a catalog made up for me? This is not my area of expertise. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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It depends on how fancy you want it to be. Most large copy centers offer graphic services (for a fee), you bring them all the details, text, photos etc. and they put the catalog together and print it. If you can locate a graphic service, you would hire them to put the booklet together and either manage the printing yourself or pay them to get it printed. Most printers will know where to find a graphic artist or graphic service provider.

You will save money by building your catalog as closely as possible to an existing catalog. Designing a page in a catalog requires a million decisions - if you have a page you like it reduces the number of questions they will wanting answers for. You can't use the text that someone else has written, so you will have to re-write all the text. You can pattern it off of theirs but you cannot use their text word for word (copyright infringement).

You want the highest quality photos you can get. The biggest obstacle in a project such as this is the difference between the worlds of computer screens and printed pages. They use two different styles of photos and two different methods to manage colors and light/darkness. A simple digital camera can take great photos for websites and emails but those same photos will look awful when printed on paper. The best solution if you don't have access to a fancy camera or photographer is to keep the photos in your catalog very small.

A project such as this take a bit of time to put together and will cost some money - don't be shocked.

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Yeah, that's my worst nightmare. I was hoping there was some company out there that put out a kind of generic all encompassing landscape and gardening catalog that each customer could customize to only include what his buisness offers. I really just need a color photo and description of the plants that I offer and can be used in my area.

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jan44(z4b WI)

I might be able to help you with a catalog. Visit my website at the link below to get my e-mail address. Hope to hear from you.

Here is a link that might be useful: my site

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Go with an on line catalog. web space is cheep, photo scanning is easy and you can do most of if not all yourself. Advertising is cheep because you only need a one sentence ad (in your local paper) with your web address. Most places stay away from the heavy overhead of a catalog, those days are dissipearing quick. check out on line catalogs from other sites, its not as hard as it might seem. everyone has computors now, and do much of their shopping online, even granda ma!

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