broke jade plant

bruts_momFebruary 8, 2009

I have a big beautiful jade plant that got a couple of large limbs broke off of it. Is there a way to save these limbs to maybe start another plant? I have a pretty good knowledge of

plants and am willing to try whatever might work. Pleaseeeee


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daw_etc(8 Cen CA)

Heck yeah you can start another plant! It's easier to start jade from stems than leaves anyway. I'm fairly sure you do it just like any other succulent..Let it sit for a bit to callus over then use rooting hormone and some people root in sand first..not letting it dry out completely. But I know someone will give you better specifics than that, I'm new to propagation :)

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bernadette_gourder(5 from Newaygo, MI)

We have so many Jade plants now - all came from one plant!

My brother, I don't think he even used a hormone, he just stuck a piece (sometimes just a leaf and other times a small branch) into a pot in potting soil. That was it and they rooted so fast. They are a pretty interesting plant in that respect. Being it a succulent it would probably be best to put a bag over the pot to keep the moisture in.
They are a darn easy plant to propagate - I'm sure you'll have no trouble.

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daw_etc(8 Cen CA)

Yeah, half the time if a piece of succulent falls off, it will root whether you want it to or not. I think the rooting hormone is more to make it root faster.

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petzold6596(8b southern NM)

Stem segments, stems w/leaves, or leaves can be rooted with nothing more than a potting media and occasional water. Make sure to allow the "cut" end/s callus for 2-3 days and plant. Check on them every two wks. or so, watering then.

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