sherilou_2010(8)January 30, 2013

Disappointing trade with RiverHendrix a.k.a. RiverSoul a.k.a RiverNymph (at Dave's Garden). She sent shockingly few seeds. She is now trading the generous amount of seeds I sent her.

Make sure you get an exact seed count, of how many seeds she's sending, in advance. The few seeds she sent arrived crushed, because she did not write "nonmachinable" on the regular envelope they came in.

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UPDATE: RiverSoul/RiverHendrix sent me a written apology (thank you) and says she is now wrapping all her trades in bubble wrap and including little gifts.

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I do have to say in response to this (Yes we have talked and I did apologize, thank you for posting on here and letting every one know).

Sherilou was one of my first trades about three months ago. At the time, I honestly didn't think that my little seeds would get crushed - it just never occured to me. I do now use bubble wrap. I also offered to re-send these seeds but I undertand Sherilou being too upset about it and just giving up.

As for seed ammounts - I do tell everyone what is available. Normally I will send 5-10 seeds, however if it's a plant I have lots of it can be 15-50 easily. On Dave's Garden, I have nothing but good reviews stating the packaging was good, the trade was great, conversation was fun, and so on. So please do not shy away from trading with me! I promise it will be fun and a good experience.

And lastly, the reason for changing aliases has nothing to do with covering up anything, it's that I have some problems with an ex-boyfriend and I keep having to change my email addresses/SN's.. Trust me, it's getting tiresome

Sorry again Sherilou. Lesson learned for sure on the packaging!!

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