lalot, chaplu, chaploo, bai cha plu, anyone?

merrybookwyrmFebruary 21, 2012

Has anyone propagated this plant, piper sarmentosum? I've had leaf cuttings in water for about 4 weeks. Two of the remaining four cuttings have put out itsy roots. I don't want to kill them at this stage!

How long should the roots be before moving them into potting soil? Should I put a dilute root stimulator solution in the water, or dilute fertilizer?

Thank you for any suggestions!

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peggiewho(z9 Ca)

I am not experienced yet at transplanting from water to dirt but no one has responded. Most say to transplant when the roots are 1/2" long. I am putting the plant in the container, adding loose soil, pine bark based, and then flooding the container to create a potting soil soup. I drain it and it goes under a weak light and on a heating mat no dome. No more watering until the soil dries out enough. I would use a weak liquid fertilizer or plain water. Too much fertilizer can interfere with the plants ability to take up water. When it 'takes' you will have lots of time to juice it up. Good luck it's a fun plant.

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Thank you very much. For some reason, gardenweb didn't send the repy notification, but the roots are a litte over 1/2" long now. So getting ready to move the plantlets along!

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