Please help me to ID this Plumeria?

Virgo1667(10 CA)July 16, 2014

Can someone please tell me what is the name of this Plumeria? Thank you in advance.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi there!!!

It is so difficult to identify a variety by a picture.. I know you would like to know what this beauty is, but so many mislabel trees and then the trees are sent along there way without the right label...

What ever named or un named tree you have, it is a beauty!!! If you don't really know where you purchased it from or have any idea.. We tend to label it a Noid . Say you purchased it in Kauai.. It was given to you as a " pink". some of us would label it as a " Noid Kauai". So you remember where it came from.

Enjoy your beautiful bloom.. Maybe someone will have some idea as to what you have..

I have one that I love and was sold to me from a nursery in Florida.. After it bloomed and I posted it here... i was graciously told that it wasn't what it was labeled. I was bummed that I was sold something that was not the true cultivar.. So i took the tag off of the tree and placed a new tag on the tree and labeled it " Possible VV". Because it looks like a beautiful bloom . I can't call it what I think it is since it wasn't a cutting from the truly named tree.

Good luck!!

Congratulations on a lovely tree!! :-)

Take care,


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Virgo1667(10 CA)

Thank you so very much for taking the time answering my question... I bought this Plumeria from cuttings with 2 other cuttings with it from Ebay Seller maybe 5 years ago or so but the other 2 cuttings have different varieties of colors....The Red one died but this one and other one Lived, I almost throw this one away because I thought the Trunk was Ugly but finally it bloom this year so I will keep her after all...The other one I might just use her Body for Grafting with another colors since I don't like her Blooms it wasn't very attractive but it has a very nice, solid ,healthy Trunk and branches so I am sure S great with something else...Thank you once again!

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Looks like a skylark pink

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Virgo1667(10 CA)

Thank you so very much!!! very nice name for this Beauty!!!

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