Rooting by misting

ginger1029(7)February 13, 2008

Can someone explain this technique to me? I am interested in rooting a winter jasmine..among other plants. Thanks!

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georgez5il(z5 IL)

If the cutting has leaves then misting is used to help prevent dehydration..... The application of a rooting hormone will speed up the rooting process & therefore reduce the chances of dehydration. Therefore both rooting hormone & misting will greatly reduce the chances of falure

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Thanks..but I am still not quite sure how the entire process is carried out.

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happyhoe(z6 OH)

Cuttings are placed under a mist system that intermittently sprays the cuttings. This decreases evapotranspiration and increase rooting percentages. The home gardener can get the same effect by placing pots with cuttings in a plastic bag. Keep the bags out of direct sunlight to prevent "cooking" them.

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ccroulet(z9 CA Sunset 18)

I think the OP is imagining that the roots are exposed and are sprayed with a mist.

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georgez5il(z5 IL)

once a cutting is prepared & the rooting hormone is applied then...... it is stuck in a well drained soil mix. the mist is applied to the leaves several times a day.. can be a eleberate set up or simpley a old windex bottle used to spray water. a warm soil 65-70F also speeds up the rooting process...... roots will form in the soil & once that is done can stop misting the cuttings.
Reamber the plant can only get water through its roots & not through the leaf or stem.....

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

ginger, have you been at the produce section of the supermarket when the misting happens? Rooting with misting is rather like that. Take the cutting. Apply appropriate auxins. Put the treated end of the cutting in a rooting medium. Set the whole arrangement under the misting device. Wait and watch, the idea being that the waiting and watching time will be shortened.

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There is also a technique of misting the root zone of a cutting as well (no soil). I have an ez cloner machine and that is how it works. The cutting is suspended over a misting system preventing the cutting from drying out. Once roots developed then the cutting can be potted up.

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