Super hot Cherry pepper

scott123456(5)July 8, 2013

Ummm how hot are fresh cherry peppers suppose to be? I just ate an entire cherry pepper pod, thinking nothing of it, and it lit me up like a christmas tree!!! I have had pickled cherry peppers before, not even close to what I just experienced. Just so you know I am no stranger to eating ghost peppers and habaneros. I also eat some of the hottest hot sauces on the planet daily. This cherry pepper was every bit as hot as any habanero I have ever eaten. The burn intensified for over twenty minutes. How is this possible? Has anyone else experienced this? Do you think the rest of the peppers on the plant will be just as hot? My mind is boggled.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I don't know how that's possible.
I've had many superhot peppers, and the burn never really lasts beyond 10 - 12 minutes. Most of the time the peak heat is more like 7 minutes. Of course, the pepper can upset the stomach for hours afterwards.

Did the cherry pepper show any sign of hybridization?

Pickling reduces the heat of a pepper.


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My cherry peppers have been slightly hotter than Jalapeños and with the same fast sort of in-your-face heat as a jalapeño they can seem much hotter than their scoville rating. But the burn has always been relatively short lived and nowhere near a habanero or ghost chili. The fast onset is a bit misleading and makes them seem hotter than they are.

Or u have a hybrid. It would be possible in theory to have a hybrid that looks like a normal cherry pepper but contains habanero heat but does not seem likely.

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tony469(modesto zone 9)

Every pepper has a different kind of burn..maybe not high scovilles but feels hotter..I ate a aribibi gusano the other day..kicked my a$$...they have been stressed from the heat..we had a week of 108 during the day and 90 at night..but I know the feeling of damn shouldn't of done that

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sjetski(6b NJ)

There are a few different types of capsaicin, some peppers have different ones in different ratios, and some people are more sensitive to certain types. I forget the name of the one rarer capsaicin, but supposedly some jalapeno's have that one in abundance, and those are allegedly the jalapeno's that make your face turn red. It's an interesting topic if you ever want to look it up, it was a little hard getting the proper search terms the last time i google searched ... so be patient and creative.

And as Tony mentioned, plants that are stressed in certain ways supposedly output hotter pods. If this is true then it's another possibility.

Scoville charts don't tell the whole story, not by a longshot.

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Thanks guys I'm thinking I might have a hybrid. Although I agree with you that scovile units don't tell the entire story ( I often want to rearrange the wing sauce hotness list for the wings places) this is dramatically different. The scovile scale has cherry peppers at 0- 3500, so at max it should be about as half as hot as a jalapeño. Not even in the ballpark of the 100,000 to 350,000 of a hab. Plus the the type of burn is not what you are describing. I have never had a fresh cherry pepper before so I was really trying to taste it ( i chewed for quit a while). First bite was sweet and a little fruity but no heat. I was really disappointed because there was no heat. I even thought I wonder if any of my peppers will be hot this year. I finished the pod, still pleasant taste but still no heat. I rinsed the rest of my ripe peppers off put them in the fridge and as I was walking out of the kitchen I started to feel a very little heat on the tongue. I got excited and thought it does have a little heat. The rest is history, the heat slowly grew until my entire mouth, lips, and throat were on fire. It was not unbearable but I was also not expecting it so I think It made it worse. Once again, my palate is used to super hot food I sometimes can't even pick up the heat unless it is significant. Me and my wife got indian food recently i ordered mine xtra xtra hott and she got hers medium. they were unmarked so i had to taste them to see which one was mine, i could not tell them apart. She said i think this one is mine took one bite of the wrong one and started screeming omg omg and started chugging milk haha. Well anyways, the rest of the cherry peppers are green so I'll keep you updated when I I have another ripe one. I'm pretty sure I have a hybrid but I guess is possible that my taste buds have tolerance to a certain type of capsasum but not others, or maybe they are allergic lol.

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tony469(modesto zone 9)

Post a pic when you get a ripe one if you can..I'm thinking wiri wiri pepper

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Yes!!!!! Wiri wiri are about 150k SHU they call em cherries but they are far from!

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I just looked at some pictures of the Wiri wiri for the first time. They where about the same size as the Wiri wiri but a little wrinkled/ bumpy. Unfortunately, the plant didnâÂÂt make it but I am pretty sure it was a hybrid of some kind.

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Could it have been a Trinidad Hot Cherry pepper? I had never heard of them until last year when Pepperlover mixed them up with Orange Bhuts. They were hot, but I don't think they were hab hot. They were also smaller than the usual cherry peppers.

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