Ken wanted a new thread.

shear_stupidity(9B)February 19, 2013

Let's try this again.

From another thread:

Me: Like, is there a general formula/ratio (for amending or making potting media)? Perhaps I don't even need mother earth in my home-made potting mix?

SomeoneElse: you can manipulate SOIL .. mother earth .... thru amending such ... and create a homemade media ... and all the power to you ...

Me: Can you tell me HOW to amend mother earth to use it in pots?

SomeoneElse: NO!!! ... because no sane person does it... you want a multitude of expert opinions.. when apparently purp is the only other person who does it ...

Me: I'm pretty sure we're not alone. Lots of people make their own potting mix. And I'm sure some of them would be glad to answer my question above regarding HOW to make it.

SomeoneElse: [though your own post with the appropriate title.. might actually get other to respond..

Me: Done and done.

SomeoneElse: ... who expects this discussion in some poor persons corn plant post????]

Me: I was originally only asking you and Purple. I don't think the "poor person" who wrote the (other) post will mind. As YOU said, it's entertaining!

SomeoneElse: ... and the definition of a TRUE 'green thumb' GARDENER ... is that you have killed every plant at least 3 times.. before your thumb turns green

Me: Well, then I guess my thumb's not green and I'm not a true gardener, because I haven't committed as much plant murder as you have. I'd hate to be a new plant on YOUR "to-do" list!
Or perhaps I just have a shorter learning curve than you do? Jus' sayin.'

SomeoneElse: ... so of course we have all killed plants.. and you are a liar is (assuming you meant "if") you said you never did ...

Me: I said I never killed them ~in the ground,~ I let the frost kill them. Or God let the frost kill them... whichever way you want to look at it.

So my question for all of you out there is this: How can I make a good all-purpose potting mix, or amend my soil to use it in pots? Either one? Is there a general ratio or formula to follow? Any help would be appreciated.

~Bridget, aka "Doesn't-Take-This-Seriously-Enough-For-Some-People" or "Has-Too-Much-Fun-While-Gardening" or "Skips-While-Stoming-And-Huffs-While-whistling"

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

well thats a searchable title other will find in the future ...


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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Ever considered decaf?

Anyway, here is a well-written and fairly thorough post that should address your concerns: Container Soils - Water Movement and Retention XVI

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Thanks, brandon, I got the same link from another GW-er (expert) and will read the thread tomorrow. I considered decaf, but since I don't use "caf," I figured it wouldn't help.

Ken, you and I will know where this post is. *Doing the two-fingered my-eyes-your-eyes-my-eyes-your-eyes move*

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